Thursday, July 16, 2015

Pen to Paper: Vintage Desks

I apologize for missing last week's post! Things just got a little out of hand for me and by the time I realized the day of the week it was over.
Oh well, did you try the mission from two weeks ago? To try writing a letter in a new location?  I did, I tried to take my writing outside. It might have been a good idea if I didn't have Munchkin with me. I was only able to write a very brief note in between trying to get Munchkin not to run in the street after bubbles or to dump sand over his head and requests for drawing with sidewalk chalk.
So as I started out the month, I want to continue talking about desks. I guess I have a little fascination with them since I don't have on of my own (you would think I would despise them after sitting at one all day every day). So today I wanted to share a few pictures of vintage style desks that I have found and love.  I urge you to share some of your favorites as well and link up with me.
This Japanese desk from the 1700s would be perfect, beautiful, lots of cubbies and even shelf space for some very special books.
This one from Germany from 1815 is so beautiful with all that dark, polished wood. Of course it has tons of little cubbies to stash supplies and secrets.
This Swedish desk from the 1800s also has all those wonderful cubbies I so want, I am not a huge fan of the pink color painted on the inside but I do like those big doors, and another little bookshelf too.
Since we can't all have these insanely huge vintage desks, there are some lovely smaller desks for some quick letter writing (or can be taken to a summer home HAHA)
This French 1900s desk is beautiful, a little ornate for my liking but I love that bar that you could rest your feet on while writing.
And if you don't have the space or want something a little more rustic there are always those old school desks. They might not appeal to everyone, but I have always really liked the flip open ones.
There are such a variety of vintage desks, as I said before I love ones with cubbies to stash all my supplies.  If I had the time and money I would hunt down the perfect desk to refinish.
Your Mission this week: Add a little flourish to one of your letters. It is always fun to add a little something extra to your letters, whether you are using stationary or plain paper. Adding your own personal doodle, a sticker or even a pressed flower, bookmark or some other embellishment.


  1. I kinda like the little French ornate one. It's cute!

    1. Its a nice size but for me too ornate and not nearly enough cubbies ;)