Thursday, June 18, 2015

Pen to Paper: Journal Letters

First I want to say sorry about the delayed post. I was absorbed in a rather lengthy book and forgot about scheduling some posts!
Did you all send a post card to anyone?  I sent out a few of the Munchkin postcards to family (they were supposed to go out months ago in the spring but oh well).
Since I have started this month talking about postcards I thought I would continue the rest of the month discussing other different ways to communicate via snail mail.  Today I want to talk about Journal Letters.
I have used Journal letters a couple of times in the past, once in junior high with a cousin of mine and then again it came in very handy when my brother was in the Marines and on deployment.  Journal letters are just like they sound, you take a notebook (it can be a simple lined one, a fancy journal pad or even one you make and decorate yourself - a 3 ring binder could be a fun way to add other things to the journal letter).  Then you write in the notebook to whomever you agreed to exchange with and send it to them.  Then they respond in the same journal and return it to you, and so on and so forth.
Some things to keep in mind about Journal Letters
~They are very handy if you don't have time to write a long letter but do have a lot to say.
~They are also handy if you have a hard time keeping track of everything you asked and responded to.
~They are fun because you can add things like pictures, movie stubs, anything you can tape or glue in it.
~Because you are sending a full journal they are a little pricy to ship back and forth.
~Because there is a larger commitment to it, it is best to be sure both parties agree to participate in a journal letter.
~It would be wise to agree that anything in the journal letter is kept private between the two of you. By its nature of being written in longer, it often times almost becomes a diary that responds to you.
~It is rather interesting to go back over the time and read what you have discussed or how you have changed. 
I don't currently have any one exchanging a journal letter with now. It is a huge commitment and can be difficult to find someone dedicated enough to respond and send it back.
Your Mission this Week: Send out 2 notes, postcards or letters.
Let's kick this up a notch. If you want to see if someone would like to exchange a journal letter that would be brilliant. But if not let's just start those letters flowing.

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