Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge - Wrap Up

For the second year in a row I signed up for the Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge hosted on Opinions of a Wolf.  It is a fantastic way to push yourself outside your normal genres and read something that makes an impact. Check out my original sign up post.
I signed up to read 4 books again this year and did complete the challenge this time!
Here are the books I read for the MIA Challenge (links to review):
1. Still Alice - Alzheimer's Disease
2. Not Just Spirited - Sensory Processing Disorder
3. Down Came the Rain - Post Partum Depression
4. Dependent - PTSD & Depression
Things I learned from this challenge:
~ I enjoy reading difficult topic books on occasion
~ Reading these books caused me to appreciate the health and support that I have
The Best MIA Challenge Book of 2014
Still Alice

While I have really enjoyed and appreciated this challenge over the past two years, I don't plan to sign up this next year.  I have many other challenges I plan to do instead.  With that said, I do already have a couple of books that still fit this challenge and will be reading them next year, I just don't plan to officially join.

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