Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Erotic Challenge - Wrap Up

I had joined the 2014 Erotic Challenge hosted by Anna at Burning Soup and Herding Cats a little late last year and didn't do an official sign up post, but I was shooting for 24 books.  I did manage to accomplish that and more!
Here are the books I read for the challenge this year:
24. Beg
33. Affliction
So there we are, I read way more than the 24 I originally was shooting for but hey, nothing wrong with over reading right?!  I am still debating signing up for the challenge again next year.  I know I will read at least as many again so it doesn't really seem like much of a challenge.


  1. Woots not bad at all! I didn't read quite as many as I was planning on but still had quite a few. Some nice reads in there :)

    This year I'm doing a "New To You" challenge. Should be...interesting :D

    1. I enjoyed this challenge, even though I would have already read many of these books I did get a chance to try new authors. I love finding new to me authors, I have found that BookBub sends out an email with daily deals and I have found some great new to me authors and series through them.