Friday, December 19, 2014

2014 Graphic Novel Challenge - Wrap Up

I joined the Graphic Novel Challenge this year, hosted on its own page.  I knew I enjoyed graphic novels and wanted to make sure I kept them as a part of my blogging.   You can see my original (and brief) sign up post where I decided to shoot for 24 graphic novels this year.  I definitely reached my goal and then some.
Here are the graphic novels I read in 2014 (with links to the reviews):
Things I learned from the Challenge:
~ I am not a fan of super hero or dark graphic novels
~ I love retellings and myths
~ If it is an animal graphic novel it must be pretty awesome
~ I am starting to find the style and authors that I enjoy, but still like to try new things
~ I really like anthology graphic novels
~ I like to find unique and lesser known graphic novels
~ I hate the New 52 for putting an end to my favorites!
The Best of 2014
1. Page by Paige
2. Sword of Sorcery: Amethyst
3. Mouse Guard: Fall 1152
4. The whole Olympians set
The Worst of 2014
1. Animal Man
2. Birds of Prey
3.  To Dance
So there it is folks! I managed to complete my 2014 Bronze Age Graphic Novel Challenge!  Keep your eyes open for the 2015 Graphic Novel Challenge Sign up!

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