Saturday, October 25, 2014

Mindless Weekend Ramblings: More Books I Wish to Share

Welcome to my new blog event called Mindless Weekend Rambling where I will ramble on and on aimlessly about all the junk rolling around in my brain. Occasionally I might rant and rave about something that is bothering me or question the sanity of it all, or maybe choose to discuss my to do list or plans that I am making or maybe share something new I learned. The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be totally off the cuff. I hope you will bear with me and maybe get a laugh or two in the process.
So I have been working very hard to share so many of my favorite books from times prior to blogging, but how could I possibly read and share a lifetime worth of reading in one short month?! So I thought I would just take some time today to highlight some of my other top suggestions.
If you want something sci/fi, futuristic, with great characters and romance check out the Celta's Heartmates Series by Robin D. Owens.  This is currently a 13 book series and they are very interconnected so need to be read in order relatively close together.  I hope to re-read this series and get caught back up (I have read up to book 9).
For more along the lines of fantasy I strongly suggest the Rhiannon's Ride Trilogy by Kate Forsyth.  I have probably handed out at least a dozen sets of these books because I so strongly suggest these books.  I plan to re-read them soon for my own enjoyment (and I hope to have a guest post or interview with Ms. Forsyth in the near future for you).
Also along the fantasy genre but focused on my beloved horses I suggest the White Magic Trilogy by Caitlin Brennan. This series has so many of the elements I love to read, fantasy, romance, horses, and of course a very kickass heroine.
As many of you know I have a special place in my heart for Arthurian Legends, one of my favorite series in this area is the Paths to Camelot series by Sarah Zettel. It took some work to obtain the last book in the series (Camelot's Blood) as it was never released in the US (maybe it has been since). 
Some of my favorite books land among the Classics and Epic Poetry genres, all of them at one point being required reading during high school and college but they became books I couldn't put down.  Some of my top picks and suggestions are The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, Beowulf, and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
Those are just a few of my top picks.  Do any of them match your top picks? Have you read any of them and what did you think? What are some of your top books?


  1. Oh man. Other than the classics I've not heard of any of them. So many books out there and just not nearly enough time to explore them all.

    1. I agree, it drives me crazy that I just can't read all the books out there!