Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mindless Weekend Rambling: Rant about Never Ending Series

Welcome to my new blog event called Mindless Weekend Rambling where I will ramble on and on aimlessly about all the junk rolling around in my brain. Occasionally I might rant and rave about something that is bothering me or question the sanity of it all, or maybe choose to discuss my to do list or plans that I am making or maybe share something new I learned. The only thing I can guarantee is that it will be totally off the cuff. I hope you will bear with me and maybe get a laugh or two in the process.
Brace yourselves for a little frustration and ranting. I just have to get this off my chest as it has been driving me nuts. . . .
A few weeks ago I went on a book shopping spree, I pretty much do all my book shopping online anymore because it is nearly impossible to browse a bookstore with Munchkin in tow. There are some great benefits to this, like being able to price comparison super easy and also to keep the compulsion buys to a minimum.  It also allows me to keep my to purchase list up on Goodreads while shopping on other links. So I noticed that a lot of the authors I follow have recently put out books in series that I read or have one coming out soon. I figured I better at least get the books purchased so I can continue the series when I find time.
The problem I have is that some of the series that I have been reading are ridiculously long, I am talking 10-15+ books. I go so long between reading the next books that I really need a refresher but do you know how long it takes to read that many books, even when familiar with them in order to read just one more. Then the frustration to do it again in the next year or two?!  I have taken to just getting the books and planning to re-read the series when I have 2 or 3 new books to read in that series.
The worst is when you have dedicated all this time and money in these series and continue to do so out of dedication even though it is totally clear that the character and story lines have run their course, and it even seems at times that the author is sick of the series. I just am having difficulty understanding the need to have this series go on for so long.
A couple of series that come up for me in this rant include:
Anita Blake by Laurell K. Hamilton - we are up to 22.6 books with #23 coming out this year.  I haven't read the past 3 books because I am just sick of the crap going on in the series, the characters personalities have changed as has the storyline.
House of Night by PC Cast - this series is up to book #11 with #12 expected out this year, that isn't including the novellas too. I only read up through book 8 and I enjoyed it when the series first came out but the storyline had taken such a drastic turn I couldn't stick with it anymore.
Celta's Heartmates by Robin D. Owens - This series has 12 books out so far with #13 expected out this year. I have continued to purchase the books in this series but haven't read them since book 8. I still love this series but it pretty intricate and there are a lot of details to keep track of, you really need to read this series of books back to back.
Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward - Book 12 just came out and it looks like #13 is in the works.  Again I rather enjoyed this series but I caught up to the series so quickly and needed to read other books that I again fell behind. I haven't read this series since book 9 but have downloaded most of the rest of the series.
I am sure I have a few other series that I have read that have continued without my knowledge and I am sure there are many more series like these out there but these are the ones I have actively followed at some point. But come on when does it end? Can the author even end them at this point? Do they have to kill off the main character in order to finally wipe their hands clean of these series?
What is your take? Are there any long series that you follow?


  1. Lol, oh man. There are so many series that just seem to keep on going and going forever. I've gotten to the point where I've become picky about which ones I read. I like it when they're trilogies--then you KNOW when it's going to end. :P I wanted to keep reading the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs, but I don't think I have the patience. I know there's over 15 at this point. That's the only one I can think of that I started to get into.

    1. Sadly I never even started that series, I took one look at it and the fact that books kept coming out and knew there was no way I could deal with another continuing series. I try to find short series and get all the books at once so I can just read right through them but sometimes when you don't expect it the author decides to continue the series. All I can think in that case is 'I am Dooomed!'

  2. Yes to this!! I quit House of Night like at book 7 I think. I loved it but damn it started getting too long and holy crap those teens were started to just act dumb. Anita Blake is a series I didn't read after.. book 1 or 2 I can't remember. It just wasn't for me. Now one series I am still loving is Stephanie Plum. Those books are still great to m.e

    1. I stopped House of Night when she was able follow that guy into death and bring him back, it just started getting to weird and she was just too perfect and drove me crazy. I really liked Anita Blake when she was a gun toting badass now it all emotional crap juggling all the boys (granted I did name Munchkin after one of the characters but don't tell hubby that lol). Hmm not sure if I know Stephanie Plum, will definitely check it out.