Monday, March 31, 2014

Bloggiesta Wrap Up

Bloggiesta finished up over the weekend, and unfortunately I wasn't able to participate at all this weekend.  But . . .  I worked my butt off on Friday night and look how much I got accomplished! Not only did I get all of this accomplished but I also backed up my blog (I know, holy cow)!   Now glancing down at my to do list you might notice a big glaring incomplete :( nope I did not get the archive list done.  I do have a good excuse though, I am pretty much starting from scratch and instead of going alphabetical by title I am going by author so series can stay together. Not only that but I pulled out Children's books and Graphic Novels on their own list.  So as you can see it is a big project.  I have however gotten all the way to letter I and hope to be over halfway done by the end of the week!  I promise you that by the next Bloggiesta in the fall I will have the archive list done and will only need to update with new books!!
As for my creative post ideas, I have several fun things on the way and hope to have them all in place by the end of the month.  I will be adding What's for Dinner on Monday nights, this post will include a recipe I plan to make for dinner that week (because I plan my menu for the entire week ahead of time).  Sundays will also now include Crafty posts in which I will share recently completed craft projects (probably mostly for Munchkin). I have also decided that since reviews aren't all that popular and I am reading far too many to post them all in a year that I will have a post the last Sunday of the month with mini reviews of all the books I couldn't post reviews for during the month. Last but not least I am going to try to start a regular post called From the Books where I try something out of a book, be it a recipe, a wine, a movie, an activity or a site to see. That one will probably start with once a month and see how it goes.  It is looking like almost from now on there will be nearly a post for every day!
1. Order business cards for the blog - I thought about this in the mini bloggiesta and decided not to yet but then when I was at the Big Book Club Getaway some of the authors asked for a card! (it made me feel important yet embarrassed that I didn't have them yet).  COMPLETE!
2. Schedule Posts for reviews completed - I have reviews written up for about 10 books but haven't scheduled the posts yet. COMPLETE!
3. Respond to Author emails - I have several review requests that need to be responded to immediately, for some reason this always gets pushed to the side for me. COMPLETE!
4. Put books away - This sounds crazy I know but I have piles of books in every room that need to be put away, some have been read, some need to be read and some need to be added to goodreads shelves. COMPLETE!
5. Get more active - I tend to be shy in person, while slightly less so online, I am still not getting out there and talking to other book lovers like I want to. So I am going to take time to stop by at least 5 other Bloggiesta participants pages and comment. I am also going to push myself to be more active on Twitter. As COMPLETE as it can get as it is an ongoing goal!
6. Update Archive list -  Ugh, how I hate this, but I have a plan in place. I am going to alphabetize by author so I can keep series together and I am going to have a separate list for childrens books and graphic novels so they are easier to find. - In Progress and Making Headway!
7. Get Creative - It has come to my attention and realization that people are not fond of a lot of reviews so I want to add a little something else to my blog. I have a few ideas rolling around my brain and want to get at least 3 new interesting posts scheduled. COMPLETE!
So how did all of you do on your to do lists? Get everything done you wanted to or like me did you run out of time?


  1. One things I am glad about is that I started my review archive when I very first started blogging. PHEW. From the books sounds soooooooo good to me. I love it!!! Plus the cooking I love too. I am always trying new recipes and I plan out my dinner every two weeks. I just like to not have to guess what I am eating every day.

    1. I had started it way back when, but have been really bad about updating it. I am hoping now that it is a little more organized maybe I will do a better job of it. Updating it also makes me realize how many books I read and rated but didn't write a review for, guess I will have to go back and re-read them! Hopefully I can pull off both those new post ideas, not only that but find enough things in the books to try! I would love to plan meals for two weeks but we never know what the little man will eat day to day let alone week to week and who knows when he will allow us the time to cook! We use to love making delicious meals (especially when Hubby would cook) but we are now all about the speed and ease of the recipe.

  2. Congrats on getting so much done when you are busy. Love that! Here is a link to some brainstorming ideas for your #7

    1. Thank you Alysia, your list just gave me a bunch of new ideas! I saw the suggestion of your local bookstore doing a guest post and thought instead maybe I will do a monthly feature on a local book store/library!