Monday, March 31, 2014

2014 Challenge Update

We are already a Quarter of the way through 2014!! Can you believe it?! Well I am still plugging away at my challenges and keeping up with them and even ahead on a couple!
So here we go:
Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge
Halfway done with this challenge, 2 of 4 books read! I am going to read Achilles in Vietnam next.
Series Challenge
Woohoo! Doing so well on this Challenge so far! Finished 2 series this month, Secret of the Unicorn Queen and Firebrand.  I hope to finish the Gifted Series and the Rose Harbor Series this month, each only have one book left (at least that the authors have published so far).
Series #1: Harry Potter - Book 1
Series #2: Secret of the Unicorn Queen - Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4, Book 5, Book 6 - Series Complete!
Series #3: Rose Harbor - Book 1, Book 1.5
Series #4: Firebrand - Book #1, Book #2, Book #3 - Series Complete!
Series #5: Gifted Series - Book #1, Book #2
Audio Book Challenge
I am keeping up with this Challenge, it seems the Audio books are getting longer and harder to finish in a month (I can only listen after Munchkin goes to bed and I usually can't stay up too late).
Graphic Novel Challenge
Again keeping pace with this challenge, I could definitely read more each month but I like to pace myself with these.
Mount TBR
Definitely got a good push forward on this challenge this month. I am hoping to get another 5 or so books added to this list this month. Once I really get moving on the series challenge (most of which I have had sitting on my shelves for years) this list will fill up quickly.
3. Beauty
Erotica Challenge
I am up and down on this Challenge, my goal is 24 this year and I am a little ahead of schedule but I feel like I should be further along.  I just downloaded an entire series by Cherise Sinclaire that should really add some books though (hopefully I can finish them this month).
 Now that I see everything down I guess I am really flying through challenges and reading this year! According to Goodreads I have already finished 84 books this year and 46 books ahead of schedule. I have already passed the halfway mark for this year's goal!! Not only that but so far this year I have read nearly a book for every day! I have kind of figured out that if I focus on my Series Challenge it really fills up the rest of the challenges too. So I guess that is where my focus will be for the time being.
How are your challenges going? Are you finding you are focusing on any one particular challenge first or just working on them all at once?


  1. That's some fantastic progress! And oh I loved that series by Cherise! I'm on schedule with 2 of my 4 challenges. Maybe a bit ahead :)

    1. I liked the first book, but I am finding that 1.5 is a combination of different authors and stories and I am not too keen on that, but of course I love Cherise's work!

  2. You are really doing good. I didn't know about this one: Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge. I might still join in on that one.

    1. Thanks. I joined the Mental Illness Advocacy challenge last year and found that it was very interesting and it really broadened my reading genres. So far this year I have found some great books to read for it and even educate myself a little.