Wednesday, July 10, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 2

Please feel free to join the challenge hosted by Good Books and Good Wine.
Day 2 Post
What's your bedtime reading ritual?
Mine really varies from day to day depending on the book I am reading.  First and foremost I have to make sure Munchkin is sleeping so I don't have to interrupt my reading to sooth him when he is screaming.  Then I let the dog out and get myself ready for bed, usually with some soft fuzzy sweatpants. I make sure I have drink and my Nook, Kindle and a couple of paperbacks ready to go next to the bed. Niko comes back in and snuggles into his crate while I snuggle into bed. Valerie usually has to come and get her pets before I can pick up the book otherwise she will push her way in front of it. Then it is finally off to reading land.

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