Tuesday, July 9, 2013

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge - Day 1

So while browsing the blogs I follow (mind you I am crazy behind on checking everyone's blogs out) I cam across this challenge hosted at Good Books and Good Wine and it sounded kind of fun.
So Here is my Day 1 Post
Make 15 Book Related Confessions
1. I am a book hoarder! I can't get rid of any books, even if they are horrible condition or I hated them. I have donate books before and less than a year later I am buying the same books again just to put them on my shelf.
2. Which leads me to my second confession. I have books shoved everywhere. My 2 6 foot shelves are stacked double deep and have books shoved in every available space, so I now have books boxed under beds, even shoved in drawers (especially in the extra space in my shorts and bathing suit drawers).
3. I have never walked out of a book store without spending at least $80. I think its because I hold off until I can't stand it anymore and then the smell of the pages when I walk into the store sends me into a craze.
4. I have tried to use the library, but after I read a book and return it to the library, I go buy it just in case I want to read it again! Haha I really am nuts huh?
5. I have forgotten to eat, drink and sleep while involved with a book. Niko may have been feed late a few times as well, but I am careful not to get involved while Munchkin is in my care.
6.  I am a book multi-tasker.  I read and keep track of multiple books at once. I usually am reading a paperback or 2, one on my nook, one on my kindle, an audio book and one on my work computer going at once.  I keep them all separated in my mind by where and when I read.
7. I am also a mood reader, I generally read a book based on my mood. If I force myself to read a book when not in the proper mood, I end up hating it and giving it a poor review even though I know it may not have earned it.
8. I own multiples of my favorite books. One in particular is Fire by Kristin Cashore and I have a signed ARC, a hard cover copy, an ebook on my nook and an audio of it. I want to be prepared to re-read it at any time and any where.
9. I don't loan books. If I have a book that I want to suggest to some one I either send them the name and author or I buy them their own copy. (again its my weird obsession with having books I have read on my shelves).
10. I have gotten pretty good at hiding my obsession from my Hubby.  We work opposite shifts so we only see each other on the weekends so I try to never go book shopping, blogging or reading on the weekend.
11.  If I finish reading a particularly good book I have a bonding experience with it. I take in every detail of the pages, the cover, the smell and even cuddle and pet it a little before putting it on the shelves (and even go back occasionally to re-establish that bond).
12. I am an organization freak about my books. The rest of my house can be in shambles but I need my books all shelved properly, spines out and facing the right way so I can read the titles. I can never decide if I want them shelved by genre or alphabetical by author or by series or by when I read them or rating so am constantly pulling them all off the shelves and rearranging them.
13. I almost never read the cover before starting a book.  Even if it has been on my shelf forever or I just bought it, I always dive in without checking the synopsis so that the story is always a complete surprise (some times its for the good and other times I am so confused until it all starts making sense halfway through).
14. I am guilty of not so much shopping by the cover but by the title.  The title better be something that catches my attention. I like them either to be descriptive (Thirty Nights with a Highland Husband) or something unique (Stork).
15. My TBR pile is out of control! I am nearing150 books on my TBR pile. I just can't help but add to it though, just to make sure I have the right book when I want it.
So do you think I am crazy yet? What are your secret book confessions?

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