Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Camp Nanowrimo!

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Are you guys participating? Getting those typing fingers ready? Cause its almost time for Camp Nanowrimo! Now we don't have to keep our ideas locked up until the dreaded month of November, which always seems way to busy to actually be able to write 50,000 words.  So for the month of July I will be participating in Camp Nanowrimo.  

See my fun little word count guy?!

He is going to help me keep track of my word count and keep me motivated.  If you  want to follow my progress I will try to post bi-weekly updates and little (coffee bean?) man will be located at the bottom of my page at all times.   If you want a bean man of your own head over to Writertopia.

So get your ideas together and join me in another attempt to write a novel (maybe one of these times I will actually finish)!


  1. Good luck IT is not easy! Cute little guy, though.

  2. Have fun!! That's the most important part. I did NaNoWriMo in 2010, and the first two weeks I was sick and stressed and didn't think I was going to meet the quota. Once I stopped stressing and started having fun, that's when my word counts shot up and I made the goal! Barely, mind you, but still. So just enjoy - it's the journey, yada yada...

  3. Thanks Jenny & Sunny!

    I was doing pretty well in November until I got sick and then Valerie got sick and spent a week in the hospital, so the last two weeks were shot completely.

    I have a couple of ideas I have been anxiously waiting to get down on paper in November, maybe I will post tomorrow and see if you guys can help me pick which one to go with!

  4. Oooh! Yay! I want to help. ^_^ I'm planning on doing the November one this year. I keep wanting to but never do. Now that I've actually gotten into really writing, I'm psyched and can't wait to participate.

  5. I hope to participate in November again too but it always seems like such a busy month (unless maybe I do my christmas shopping in August).

    Thank you Karen!