Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Top 5 Wednesday: Fall Reading Recommendations

 Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads.

I am very thankful that a user on Goodreads by the name Gabriella has taken over hosting and selecting topics for Top 5 Wednesday and has revived the group! It has been some time since I last posted but I really wanted to share my fall reading recommendations (especially since last week I shared my own Fall TBR for this year).  So here are a few other books I highly recommend reading as the weather gets cool and crisp and the spooky Halloween decorations start going and the nights start getting longer.

For me, I love books that have a great atmospheric feel to them in the Fall. Maybe a slight bit spooky, sometimes a little twisted, but always a book that completely pulls you into the story.  Here are a few examples of some great books to pickup this time of year.

I am sure you have all been seeing this book everywhere and hearing people raving about it, I did too, until I finally broke down and picked it  up. Now I am 100% agreeing with the hype. It is dark and twisted, atmospheric and eerie and totally earns the name Gothic!

If you enjoyed the vibes of Mexican Gothic, I really encourage you to pick up The Resurrectionist.  Not only does it have intriguing anatomy diagrams but the story itself is again dark and twisted and at times is difficult to remember that it is a work of fiction. 

I could not leave this book off the list, inspired by Frankenstein by Mary Shelley but is definitely not a re-telling. An author seeking inspiration hides away in the same Swiss Alps near where the Frankenstein holdings were in the novel.  Things take a twisty turn and the lines between reality and fiction become blurred.  It takes some time for this story to develop but once it does, you get pulled into it.

Speaking of Frankenstein, if you are a fan (or even if you aren't) I highly recommend this unique twist of a re-telling by Kiersten White.  She lets the original stand on its own, sticking to the major plot points but spins an entirely different story from Elizabeth's perspective. 

Another intriguing and dark re-telling from a different perspective is The Raven's Tale.  It follows Edgar Allan Poe's supposed muse, Lenore, as he begins down the path of a writer.  It is a slip into madness and obsession, that is perfectly dark and atmospheric for this time of year.

And while that is 5 recommendations for you to pickup during the Fall season, I cannot end this post without suggesting my all time favorite book . . . 

Have you read any of these books? What are some of your Fall recommendation?


  1. all of these books sound right up my alley for autumn, now i have to wait for the weather to change here, but in the meantime i guess i'll reread frankenstein

    1. I hope you are able to try a couple of them. Come back and let me know what you think! You can't go wrong with a re-read of Frankenstein!