Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Review of I Needed a Viking by Alfa Holden


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Synopsis: "From the author of I Find You In the Darkness, a brand-new book of poetry celebrating strong women and the men they crave.

I never needed a Man.
I needed a Viking.
I needed someone who wasn't afraid of my strengths or of my needs.
I chose wrong in the past...

Beloved contemporary poet Alfa is back with a brand-new collection of more than 180 heartfelt poems on the theme of woman warriors and the masculine heroes they long for. In gorgeous, compelling, and intimate prose, I Needed a Viking takes us on an emotional journey of a woman searching for strength in the midst of a storm."

My Review: I have been trying to read more poetry this year and the title of this one attracted me to it. Like any poetry collection I found some of the poems worked for me and others did not, but many in this collection really hit home. It was a great collection with many along the lines of finding your own inner strength and knowing it is there even when you feel weak. Not only was this a very good collection of poems but the aesthetics of the book were fantastic as well, beautiful detailing on the pages, good quality paper and font selection that really suited it, all added a nice element to reading as well.

My Rating: This was such a pleasant surprise, it was definitely better than most of the poetry collections I have read recently and I really connected with several of them.  I give it a rating of Four Paws!

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