Thursday, June 18, 2020

Mid-Year Book Freakout Tag

I have been seeing this tag pop up all over the place lately and while I wasn't tagged, I did want to participate.  I believe the original was created by ReadLikeWildfire on Youtube, but feel free to correct me if I am wrong.  Obviously I am updating it to be current to this year. So on with my freak out  . . . 

Best Book You've Read So Far in 2020
This was completely unexpected, but once again thanks to Booktube SFF Awards for introducing me to another amazing book. This was a quick, super intense ride and I highly recommend the audio book!

Best Sequel You've Read So Far in 2019
After a super traumatizing first book in the Treading Water series for one character in particular, this sequel was a must read!

New Release You Haven't Read, But Want To
There are so many new releases I haven't gotten to yet, but here are a few priorities that have been calling to me . . .

Most Anticipated Release of the Second Half of the Year
Once again, there are so many books coming out that I can't wait to get into my hands. July seems to be a particularly busy month since so many releases were pushed back. But there are 3 in particular that I am super anxious for . . .


Biggest Disappointment
As you probably know, Frankenstein is my all time favorite book, so when a fellow fan decided to host a readalong of another one of Mary Shelley's books, I was so excited.  While it was a big disappointment not to love this book as much Frankenstein. I do have to say though, reading it February into March was definitely a perfect yet totally creepy time to pick it up.

Biggest Surprise
I finally gave into all the hype about this book, but I was going in with not huge expectations, but I was very pleasantly surprised!

Favorite New Author (Debut or New to You)
I have discovered a few new to me authors this year but two that really stand out to me

Newest Fictional Crush
This doesn't happen very often but I have such a girl crush on Razia! She is smart, quick witted, talented and completely unapologetic about who she is!

Newest Favorite Character
Not so much a single character but more of a group of characters (and this might be a bit spoilery but I will keep it as vague as possible), the sibling group from the Bridge Kingdom, again they are clever and strong and ruthlessly brutal, and I love it!

Book that Made You Cry
I have purposely been avoiding books that will trigger emotions for me, I already have enough going on, but this one book makes me tear up just from the pure beauty of the relationship in it

Book that Made You Happy
I am totally counting that I finally have this one after waiting for 2 years

Favorite Book to Film Adaptation You Saw This Year
I hardly ever watch movies, but I am super excited to see The One and Only Ivan!

Favorite Review You've Written This Year
You know what is fun?! Writing a review for a book you have re-read, when it came to The Bear and the Nightingale, I was excited to write my re-read review because I enjoyed it so much more the second time around.

Most Beautiful Book You Bought (or received) This Year
Okay, there is no way I could limit this down to just one book, so here are a few of the stunning books I have added to my shelves this year. Let me tell you that these cover pictures do them no justice, it is the combination of the cover, the naked hardback and added extra touches like deckled edges.

What Books Do You Need to Read by the End of This Year
HAHAHAHA So many books!! I had set out with a goal to read at least 100 books from my purchases in the last 3 years, so far I have only read or unhauled 27 of those books, granted I have also read 12 books that were already on my TBR shelf, so I guess when you look at it that way, I am not too far behind that goal.  But I do want to focus on a few more things.

First, I have been doing a really great job of finishing series this year (or at least caught up to publication), I have finished the Faithful and the Fallen Series, The Bargainer Series, The Folk of the Air series, the Winternight Trilogy and am on the last book in the Treading Water series.  So I want to keep that going and finish/read these series . . .

Their Bright Ascendancy Trilogy

Chronicles of the Warlands

The Great Library Series

Queens of Renthia Series

Warrior Wolves Series

So there are a few of the books I still want to get to this year LOL! I also have a bunch of reviews to read, which I hope to catch up on, especially since my new kindle should be arriving soon and I can stop trying to read on the computer all the time.

So are you freaking out yet because half the year is already gone?! If you also post this tag please let me know so I can come check out your answers!

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