Friday, June 19, 2020

Bedtime Story: Max Spaniel: Dinosaur Hunt by David Catrow

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Synopsis: "Bestselling illustrator David Catrow has written and illustrated an easy-to-read story about a hilarious hound dog!

Max Spaniel is a daffy hound dog who one day decides to go on a dinosaur dig. But what Max thinks are dinosaur parts is just a lot of junk--or is it? As Max puts his fossils together, readers will see how the random objects Max finds--including a football, a hockey stick, and an old boot--transform into a living dino!

New readers will laugh out loud as they follow the fantastical thoughts of this wacky hound. The ingenious story, by David Catrow, is easy to read with lots of visual humor."

My Review: This was such a great book for young readers, about level 1 step up/leveled reader books. It is perfect for little dinosaur fans, and a great way to jump start some creativity and imaginative play. Max Spaniel is a fun character and I wish I had known about this series when Munchkin was little. The sentences were short with a lot of sight words and repetition. The print was also bold and easy to read. The illustrations were bright and colorful, so it works great for young readers to read to younger siblings and friends. It was very cute and fun, and a lot of young readers will really enjoy it.

My Rating: I really like how not only does this book include a fun and likable character on an adventure but it is also creative and can jump start some imaginative play for young readers.  I give it a rating of Four Paws!

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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