Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Top 5 Wednesday: Books on My Christmas Wish List

Top 5 Wednesday is a group on Goodreads hosted by Sam from Thoughts on Tomes on Youtube.

So this week's topic is all about the books on our wish list (whether you celebrate Christmas or not, you can still have a book wish list). My family always exchanges wish lists just to be sure we have solid ideas for each other, and they never know what books I already have or still want. So here are a few books that I put on my wish list.

I haven't started this series yet but Wrath is the fourth & final book in the series, so if I can get this then I can binge this chunky series.

I have really enjoyed Marie Force's Green Mountain/Butler VT series, but I have read them all in digital or audio formats.  I would like them sitting on my shelves so I can feel like the Abbott family is there. Being a local author, there is a book store on Aquidneck Island that sells her books signed!

Letters from Father Christmas has been on my wish list for years!

If I don't get this one for Christmas, I am definitely purchasing it! This looks like so much fun!

Like with the Marie Force books, I love Katie Ruggle's and I have read all of them as Ebooks, and I would really like to have them on my shelves, especially since they have dogs on the covers!

So what books are on your wish list? Does your family usually get you books or do they give you gift cards and let you pick your own? Or do they sadly, ignore your love for books and give you sweaters?

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