Saturday, December 1, 2018

Advent Reads 2018 Announcement!

Happy December Everyone!!

It has finally arrived (or in my opinion suddenly arrived) and it is December 1st and officially the Christmas season in my world.  As it is now December, it is time to kick off my annual Advent Reads event.  As with the past 6 years (yes, this is my 7th year running this event) I will be posting a new holiday story every day leading up to Christmas.  I have a variety of genres to appeal to everyone from Children's Books to Graphic Novels, from Classics to Romance and even a few Fantasy and a Horror in the mix.  The posts will go live every day between 6pm and 10pm (later for the more adult novels and the rest earlier).

In past years I have also posted a little holiday tidbit each morning from ways to have a less stressful holiday season to family traditions and fun things to do with children, favorite songs and ornaments, etc.  This year however I am going to let that slide.  I am already a little overwhelmed and it is only the 1st.  We recently got my husband's schedule for this month and between now and Christmas Day he only has 1 day off and many of those days he will be working doubles. So the bulk of Christmas prep and creating the magic of the season for 6 year old Munchkin land squarely on my shoulders. I will however be posting a lot of our fun and events on my Instagram so be sure to check that out (you may also get a sneak peek at upcoming books) - @EasternSunset9

I hope you will come back and visit throughout the month and discover your next favorite Christmas story!

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