Sunday, July 1, 2018

June 2018 Challenge Update & July TBR

It is officially halfway through 2018! Time for everyone to really start freaking out because we are on the downhill slide into 2019 (I will be posting the Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag soon).  I actually feel like I am relatively on track with my challenges and reading. I would like to have read more of my chunky books and complete series, and also have bought less books or at least read them as they came in but eh so is the life of a book lover!

So here are the books I have read in the month of June . . .

Children's Book Challenge:
30 - 40 books
Early Reader Challenge:
30-40 books

Graphic Novel Challenge:
23-28 books
15. Common Ground: A Frontier Fantasy

Audio Book Challenge: COMPLETE
28-32 books

35. The Invention of Hugo Cabret
37. Crooked Kingdom

Classics Challenge: COMPLETE
5 books (1 re-read)

Series Challenge:
4 full series & 6 duologies
Memoirs of Lady Trent Series (5 books & 1 novella): Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 3.5Book 4Book 5 - COMPLETE
Butler VT/Green Mountain Series (9 books & 2 novellas): (Books 1-3 read in 2017) Book 4Book 4.5Book 5Book 6Book 7Book 8 Book 9 - COMPLETE (currently through 2018)
Nevernight Chronicles (2 books so far): Book 1Book 2, - COMPLETE (currently through 2018)
Winternight Trilogy (3 books): Book 1Book 2
Unicorn's Secret (8 books): Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4
Ree Verakai Duology (2 books): Book 1Book 2 - COMPLETE
Ixian Chronicles: Book 1
The Selection Series (5 books & collection of novellas): Book 1Book 2Book 3
Kingdom of Wrenly (13 books so far): Book 1Book 2Book 3Book 4Book 5Book 6Book 7Book 8Book 9Book 10
Compass Boys Series (4 Books): Book 1Book 2Book 3
Daughter of the Pirate King ( 2 Books): Book 1Book 2 - COMPLETE
Six of Crows (2 Books): Book 1, Book 2 - COMPLETE
Mask of Shadows (2 Books): Book 1
Sin du Jour Series (7 books & 1 novella): Book 1Book 2Book 1.5Book 3Book 4

Requested Reviews:
No more than 25

TBR Challenge:
50-75 books that I already own as of 12/31/2017
36. Invention of Hugo Cabret
37. Crooked Kingdom

Books Added to Shelves in 2018:
As I read the books I purchase this year I will add a link (I will also note the month they were purchased/ read)
1. Plague of Giants (Jan./April)
2. Moonsilver (Jan./ Jan.)
3. Silver Thread (Jan./Jan.)
4. The Silver Bracelet (Jan./ Jan.)
5. Mountains of the Moon (Jan./ Feb.)
6. Practical Magic (Jan./)
7. I Love My Love (Jan./ Feb.)
9. Gods of the North (Jan./March)
10. We Have Always Lived in a Castle (Jan./)
12. Heart on Fire (Jan./ Jan.)
13.To the Sky Kingdom (Feb./ )
15. Letters from Wolfie (Feb./March )
16. Ketchup Clouds (Feb./ )
17. Dead Man's Walk (Feb./ )
18. Luck Love and Lemon Pie (Feb./ )
19. Beartown (Feb./ )
21. Listen, Slowly (Feb./March) - DNF
22. Ravenous (Feb./ ) - UNHAUL
23. Monstrous (Feb./March )
24. The Astounding Broccoli Boy (Feb./March )
25. Terrier (Feb./ )
26. Lonesome Dove (Feb./ )
27. As Brave as You (Feb./ March )
28. Smuggler's Run (Feb./Feb. )
29. The Lost Stone (Feb./March )
30. The Scarlet Dragon (Feb./ March)
31. Sea Monster (Feb./March )
32. Daughter of the Pirate King (Feb./May )
33. The Wolves of Winter (Feb./ May )
34. Heaven on Earth (Feb./ Feb. )
35. Into the Fire (Feb./ March)
36. Still Waters (Feb./April )
37. Red Sister (March/March)
38. Reflections of Yesterday (March/)
39. Sleeping Giants (March/May)
40. Heir to the Jedi (March/April)
41. Jedi Search (March/)
42. Heart of Iron (March/April)
43. Here Comes the Sun (March/April)
44. Hermes: Tales of the Trickster (March/ March)
45. The Witches Curse (March/March)
46. Emma's Dream (March/May)
47. Eko (March/June)
48. Star Wars: Moving Target (March/May)
49. Caging Merrow (March/)
50. The Fifth Season (March/)
51. His Dark Endeavor (March/)
52. The Traveling Cat Chronicles (March/)
53. Greedy Pigs (March/)
54. Lustlocked (March/June)
55. Black Powder War (March/)
56. Throne of Jade (March/)
57. The Scandalous Mackenzies (March/)
58. The Stolen Mackenzie Bride (March/)
59. The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie (March/)
60. Lady Castle (March/May)
61. Frankenstein Alive, Alive (March/)
62. Frankenstein Alive Alive Trio (March/)
63. Long Walk to Valhalla (March/April)
64. Hard to Serve (March/)
65. Mastering Her Senses (March/)
66. Theirs to Take (March/)
67. The Sapphire Affair (March/May)
68. The Joy of Less (April/May)
69. Nightblade's Vengeance (April/)
70. Circe (April/ May) 
71. Tomorrowland (April/)
72. The Wolf (April/)
73. My Lady's Choosing (April/)
74. Sweet Dreams, Sweet Death (April/May)
75. Sky in the Deep (April/April)
76. Beyond the Darkened Shore (April/)
77. Defiant Heir (April/)
78. True North (May/)
79. The Sorting Room (May/ )
80. Lost Stars (May/ )
81. Down Among the Sticks and Bones (May/)
82. Dusk or Dark or Dawn or Day (May/)
83. Frankenstein Dreams (May/)
84. The Belgaraid (May/)
85. The Rhode Island Short Story Club presents The Club (May/June) *
86. Death Sworn (May/)
87. Sherlock Holmes and the Army of Dr. Moreau (May/)
89. Prince of Persia (May/)
90. Zenith (May/ )
91. In the Heart of the Sea (May/ )
92. The Queen of Sorrow (May/ )
93. I Capture the Castle (May/ June)
94. Cruel Prince (May/)
95. Onyx & Ivory (May/)
96. Princesses Behaving Badly (May/)
97. Fight for Everything (May/)
98. Catching Stars (May/)
99. Light as Air (May/)
100. Marriage Arrangement (May/May) 
101. Furyborn (May/)
102. Sweet Tea & Sympathy (May/)
103. Half Drowned King (May/)
104. A Reaper at the Gates (June/June)
105. The Orphan Queen (June/ )
106. The Mirror King (June/ )
107. The Thief (June/ )
108. The Queen of Attolia (June/ )
109. King of Attolia (June/ )
110. A Conspiracy of Kings(June/ )
111. Pride's Spell(June/June)
112. Idle Ingredients(June/June)
113. Guardian of Whills(June/ )
114. Such Wicked Intent(June/ )
115. The Girl From Everywhere(June/ )
116. The Ship Beyond Time(June/ )
117. And I Darken(June/ )
118. Frostbite(June/ )
119. The Assassin's Curse(June/ )
120. The Pirate's Wish(June/ )
121. Pirateology(June/ )
122. Polly and the Pirates: Vol. 1(June/ )
123. Memoirs of Elizabeth Frankenstein(June/ )
124. Every Heart a Doorway(June/ )

March Reading Stats:
I read a total of 23 books this month
3,077 pages read and 4 days, 8 hours and 42 minutes of listening

Resolutions Check in:
1. Read Less Books: I read 23 books this month & while I don't have an exact count from last year I am pretty sure it was a few more than that (At this time last year I was at about 200 books for the year, and this year I am at 73 so this is definitely progress) - CHECK 
2. Be More aware while reading: I have been really good about marking favorite lines in my ebooks, not so much print or audio books - CHECK
3. Read More Chunky Books (12 books over 450 pages in 2018): I have totally blown this goal out of the water this month with a total of 6, yes you read that right 6 books over 450 pages (An Ember in the Ashes, A Torch Against the Night, A Reaper at the Gates, Six of Crows, Crooked Kingdom and An Invention of Hugo Cabret), granted most of them were in audio format but they totally count! - CHECK, CHECK, CHECK!
4. Use Library & Overdrive more: I borrowed 3 books for me this month & Munchkin borrowed 3 books too.  We finally went into the physical library and I have to say the situation is much improved since I was last there!- CHECK
5. Purge & Re-organize shelves: I didn't count how many books I purged this month but I took 2 boxes to the library for donation and sold another 3 books, I still have a few stacks for sale or trade. I do need to get down to reorganizing now and will probably be seeing more books clearing out that way. - CHECK


I have been doing a pretty darn good job of reading the books on my TBR, I do have a bunch of requested reviews to catch up on that are releasing this month and next month. I also have the Tome Topple Readathon going on so some chunky books there, I am planning a fun event in August so I need to get going on those books and I have been buying way too many books this year so need to really limit my buying this year and focus on some of those new purchases and TBR books. So here are the books I hope to read in July!

 Ruin of Stars by Linsey Miller *currently reading
My Lady's Choosing by Kitty Curran
Light as Air by Mari Carr
Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart
Waiting for Unicorns by Beth Hautala
Prince of Persia by Jordan Mechner
The Grace of Kings by Ken Liu
Traitor's Blade by Sebastian de Castell
Tiger's Daughter by K. Arsenault Rivera
Books 5-7 of the Sin du Jour Series by Matt Wallace
The Traveling Cat Chronicles by Hiro Arikawa
Every Heart a Doorway and Down Among the Sticks & Bones by Seanan McGuire
Cottage by the Sea by Debbie Macomber
Fawkes by Nadine Brandes
Seafire by Natalie C. Parker
The Assassin's Curse and The Pirate's Wish by Cassandra Rose Clarke
The Girl from Everywhere and The Ship Beyond Time by Heidi Heilig
Isle of Blood and Bone by Makiia Lucier

Can you tell what August's theme will be based on that TBR?  What books are you reading this month?


  1. Way to go finishing your classics challenge. I’m horrible at reading the classics. I don't keep track of the pages in my books but I think I read some big books on June. Now I’ll have to go look. Maybe they just felt long. ;)

    1. I really pushed to finish the classics challenge early because I knew it would be one of my hardest challenges, though I feel like I cheated a bit, all of them were pretty short classics: Anne of Green Gables, Jungle Book, Frankenstein, I Capture the Castle and An Enchanted April. But eh a classic is a classic. I might try to squeeze one more in before the end of the year.