Sunday, August 6, 2017

Tome Topple Readathon Sign Up & Updates

I participated in the Tome Topple Readathon early this year and it was a lot of fun to challenge myself to reading those chunky books on my shelf that I put off sometimes.  I still have some pretty big books to read this year so thought I would join up again.

 I discovered the Tome Topple Challenge through Sam at Thoughts on Tomes on Youtube and the Readathon is hosted as a Goodreads Group. The goal for this challenge is to tackle the Tomes on your shelf, books over 500 pages.  There are a few challenges to help you along, but are not a requirement.  Those challenges are A) read 2 or more tomes, B) read a Graphic Novel, C) buddy read a tome, D) read a tome that is part of a series, and E) read an adult tome. The readathon takes place from August 4th at midnight until August 17th.    (There is also a photo challenge this time around on Instagram, check it out @ThoughtsonTomes)

I will try to post updated at the bottom of this post every few days but I will also be posting on Instagram @EasternSunset9

So here is my Tomes to be Toppled:

The Kingmaking - 574 pages

Are you participating in the Tome Topple? If yes what are you reading? If not what would be your tome choice? What chunky book do you find intimidating?


Mid-Readathon Update:

It has been very slow going, as I expected it would.  I started out with The Kingmaking since this is a book that has been on my shelves for years and I have been intimidated by it.  I had planned on reading until about half way and then taking a break with The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue.  But now I am on page 357, nearly 2/3 of the way through and I am really enjoying the story and don't want to put it down.  I hope to continue at the recent pace of about 75-100 pages a day to finish over the weekend and give myself time to read my second book, but we will see.

Oh and I hope you have been following along on my Instagram as I have been participating in the photo challenge every day and I am super proud of keeping up with it!

How is your readathon going?


  1. Big books can be intimidating. I was so intimidated by David Copperfield by Charles Dickens, but when I finally got up the courage to read it, I LOVED it! It is my favorite Dickens novel. That experience has made me less afraid to read bigger books.

    1. I don't think I am always intimidated by big books, a lot of times it is more the fact that in the time it would take me to read a big book I could have read 2 or 3 or more shorter books that I would love just as much.

  2. I don't think I'll participate officially but I totally could. I'm going to try tackling Stephen King's IT this month. Good luck on your challenge!

    1. Good luck with It, Stephen King is one that I don't think I will pick up again, The Stand terrified me in high school LOL!