Friday, August 11, 2017

Bedtime Story: What Do You Do With a Problem? by Kobi Yamada

Read for: Children's Book Challenge

Synopsis: "From the same author and illustrator as our #1 nationally best-selling What Do You Do With an Idea? comes a new book to encourage you to look closely at problems and discover the possibilities they can hold.

What do you do with a problem? Especially one that follows you around and doesn't seem to be going away? Do you worry about it? Ignore it? Do you run and hide from it?

This is the story of a persistent problem and the child who isn't so sure what to make of it. The longer the problem is avoided, the bigger it seems to get. But when the child finally musters up the courage to face it, the problem turns out to be something quite different than it appeared.

This is a story for anyone, at any age, who has ever had a problem that they wished would go away. It's a story to inspire you to look closely at that problem and to find out why it's here. Because you might discover something amazing about your problem… and yourself.

What are problems for? They challenge us, shape us, push us, and help us to discover just how strong and brave and capable we really are. Even though we don't always want them, problems have a way of bringing unexpected gifts.

So, what will you do with your problem? Now that's up to you."

My Review: I picked this book up for Munchkin because I got it on a good sale and it sounds like a good idea. I loved the artwork in this book, an interesting combination of dark and light with simple color scheme. Like I said the idea behind this book is a great one, figuring out what to do with a problem. While I like the idea of figuring things out for yourself and facing the problem down head on, I would have liked there to be a little bit about it being okay to get help from someone else when the problem gets to big. Munchkin also had a really hard time grasping what a problem is, and with it being so generalized in the story it took longer to discuss this with him than it did to read the story. It is great to start these conversations but I would have preferred a little more explanation in the book itself.

My Rating: I had really high hopes for this book and while it had a good intention behind it, the message goes over little kids heads and it doesn't have anything about asking for help when overwhelmed with a problem.  I must admit I was a little disappointed with this one.  We give it a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.

Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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