Thursday, May 4, 2017

Children's Book Week: The Little Duck by Judy Dunn

Synopsis: "With spring right around the corner, it's time for this Step into Reading (Level 1) edition of Phoebe Dunn's beloved photographic picture book The Little Duck to waddle its way into your Easter basket!
Featuring full-color photographs, this story of a little duck growing up will waddle its way into the hearts of emerging readers everywhere."

My Review: This is a cute little book for beginning readers during the spring. It follows a little duck from egg up until he grows up and has an egg of his own. The sentences are short and simple with a lot of sight words. The images are all photographs of an actual duckling and the storyline follows him as he grows. My main issue with this book though is that the little boy finds the egg and just brings it home, I had to explain to Munchkin that this isn't a good idea, that while an egg or a baby animal looks like its mother left it that isn't always true. Other than that issue (which to me is a very big one but may not be for everyone) it was a good book for young readers.
My Rating: While this is a great early reader with sentences and words, I was not a fan of how the start of this story and it really bothered me.  It is hard enough to get kids to leave nature alone without a story telling them it is okay to bring an egg home or even disturb it.  I give it a rating of Two Paws.

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