Monday, May 1, 2017

Children's Book Week: Bedtime Story: A Little Book About Safety by Samantha Kurtzman-Counter and Abbie Schiller

Synopsis: "With a refreshingly empowering approach, A Little Book About Safety tackles the tough topic of kids’ personal safety in a gentle, memorable way.
When adorable little Hugo Hippo heads out for a day of fun with his family at The Happy Herd Community Pool, he is confronted by all sorts of opportunities to make choices about his own safety. He learns to trust his own “Uh-Oh Feeling” when something feels too scary; he remembers to “Check First” with a safe adult before going anywhere unexpected; and he learns exactly what to do in case he gets lost. In this colorful story full of lovable characters and relatable situations, young kids will absorb essential tools and tips to keep themselves safe."

My Review: I picked this book up expecting it to be water safety tips but while this book takes place at a pool and beach, the tips are more general safety tips. I like how they were just the common tips like don't talk to strangers, but more unique but very helpful ones, like listening to your uh oh feeling, or if you are lost finding another mom instead of approaching just anyone. It was a good story, and one that sparked Munchkin to really set his mind to remembering my phone number.
My Rating: While this book wasn't exactly what I expected, it was still a great book with lots of safety tips (that aren't all the ones you hear all the time).  Munchkin enjoyed it and it sparked a lot of great conversations. We give it a rating of Three Paws.
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!


  1. I've been trying for years to get Gnome to learn my phone number. I even made a little song, but she still struggles.

    1. It is tough to learn phone numbers, I think I heard at some point that your memory generally can only process 7 individual numbers in a row, so phone numbers need to be combined and then you have the struggle if your phone number has something like 89 in it and they don't know that yet.