Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Review of Lord of the Mountains by Sabrina Jarema

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Synopsis: "Amid the glittering fjords and majestic mountains of Norway, this stunning series delves into the loves, battles, and dreams of the Viking clans—powerful men and women who believed in the call of the flesh as well as the soul…

It was said that the man who could look into Silvi Ivarsdottir’s eyes would be meant for her. Powerful jarl Magnus Sigrundson knows he is that man, and that Silvi’s dowry can give him the ships, swords, and silver he needs for his trading empire. Yet beautiful Silvi’s dream is not to be a wife, but a Priestess of the gods for the great temple at Uppsala. Who dares interfere with such passion? The answer lies in Silvi herself, in the way her body awakens to Magnus’ touch, in the way she inspires a reverence he didn’t know he possessed—and in the battles she takes on when she journeys to his mountain home of Thorsfjell.

But soon a dangerous, deceitful enemy threatens to shatter. Now they face another quest: can they find each other again—and dare live and love in each other’s worlds?"

My Review: I see Vikings and in the romance genre, you better believe I was looking forward to reading this book. It is the second book in the series so I wasn't sure if I would be lost, but I definitely wasn't. This book can be read as a stand alone but I will be going back to read the first book. There is a handy glossary and pronunciation guide at the beginning of the book which was great as there were times where a longer description would have thrown the story off. I really enjoyed each of the characters, they were each unique in their own ways, even from other similar books I have read in the past. I loved that Jarema obviously spent a lot of time researching not only the world and customs but also the belief systems and put her own spin on everything to suit the story. I will definitely be following this series in the future and be reading more of her books!
My Rating: I really enjoyed this book, more than many of the Viking books I have come across. Jarema did a great job of weaving a beautiful story together with the tough and brutal world it takes place in.  I give this book a rating of Four Paws!
Note: This is an adult romance and there are a few explicit scenes but if you prefer not to read those you can skim them.  Also being a book set in a brutal time and place there is some fighting and violence.
I received this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
To find out more about Sabrina Jarema and her work check out her Goodreads Page.
Lord of the Mountains is scheduled for release on March 14th but you can pre-order your copy in digital or print format from Amazon or Barnes & Noble or your favored book provider.


  1. Awesome that you snagged it and ended up loving it. I don't have that great of luck.

    1. I have really gotten lucky on Netgalley lately with some really great books. I think it helps that I have something like 40+ approvals and a rating of 97% most of the time (I don't usually request books until I have finished all the ones already approved for).

  2. oooo! Vikings! I don't think I've read a vikings book. It sounds fun! It was brave of you to read the 2nd book first.

    1. Vikings and Cowboys are my two weaknesses, I will read just about any Viking books I can get my hands on. I am so glad it worked out that each of these can be read on their own. I am going to go back and read the first book at some point!