Thursday, November 17, 2016

Pen to Paper: Incoming October Mail

How is everyone today? I hope your mailboxes have been filled with joy! With all the chaos and sickness around the house lately I have gotten a little behind on my letters. I have about 4 responses to catch up with, though I have found that most people don't send letters over the holidays with the rush of holiday cards and such.
Anyway, I have gotten some really amazing letters in the mail over the past month and I thought I would take the opportunity to show you some of them.
This letter is from a pen pal from Norway who creates the most beautiful envelope art, I love finding each treasure in my mail box!

This letter is from a pen pal I met through Pocket Letters, she writes very long letters and always hand makes her envelopes from pattern paper. She also sent a Halloween card.

My newest pen pal sent me this letter, I adore the stationery she found and she sent some sweet stickers for Munchkin too!

I have slacked off on the postcrossing postcards lately so have received less as well, only 4 this month but they are all great ones.
Lastly, I have a new pen pal who is also a crafty pal, we have started sending each other flip books and pocket letters and she really went above and beyond for Halloween! 

The first envelope contained this flip book, letter and mail tag. She wrote super tiny in the letter but yet it is so neat, I don't know how she manages!

the inside of the flip book

She also sent this trick or treat bag full of goodies.

and even included a bunch of different papers, cards and stationery to use in my stash!
I have certainly been blessed with some amazing pen pals this year and hope to continue growing these friendships in the future! Have you found anything special in your mailbox lately?

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