Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Christmas 2016 Gift Guide: Bookish Gifts

So yesterday I posted a gift guide of some recommended books for gifts, but today I want to expand up on the gift guide with some great bookish gifts. If you are like me, you have tons of books and your family and friends aren't really sure what books I already have or what books I would like. So here are some great gifts that book lovers might enjoy that aren't books but are still book related.
So I am going to start out on the smaller, less expensive end and work our way up, and I will try to keep it in categories.  I also tried to select items that are great for either gender, so there won't be any jewelry or gender specific items in my list.
I do want to note, this list is just items and shops that I found that I have either purchased items from and had a good experience or appeal to me. I was in no way compensated for any of these lists.
Magnetic Bookmarks
One of the small items (that would be a great stocking stuffer *hint hint Hubby*) and really popular lately is magnetic bookmarks. You can find these just about anywhere anymore and are relatively inexpensive. I have found them at bookshops, general stores like Target, even at craft stores and dollar stores.  But if you check out any Bookstagram photos or often even blogger photos you will find a wealth of insanely adorable ones, I believe that most people find them on Etsy. They range from general interest bookmarks like tea or coffee cups and into even your favorite book characters. You can find just about any popular fandom, just search 'Magnetic Bookmarks' or '(such and such - like Harry Potter) Magnetic Bookmark'  Here are a few that I found on Etsy  . . .
From CraftedVan - The few that I have came from this shop (a mail set that isn't available currently)
From PurplePaperEater - This is one of my favorite Etsy shops (I have that adorable Polar Bear bookmark from her)
Another small item I find that book lovers really enjoy is candles. Now you can always get a candle in any shop, I really enjoy the lilac and stargazer lily candles from Yankee Candle. But did you know that Etsy also has a wealth of artisans that make book themed candles?! Again I keep seeing these pop up on Bookstagram and Booktube all the time and I even have one or two myself. Again just search 'Bookish Candles' and you will come up with a variety of shops.
FromthePage - This is a popular shop and I have a sample size of the Reading Nook
Bath and Beauty Products
Something that I have found that I really enjoy is things like lip balm, nail polish, soaps and lotions that are book themed. Again the best way to find these are through Etsy.
FromThePage - in addition to the candles, this shop has great lip balm (I have had Spot of Tea and Second Breakfast)
From CherryPitCrafts has a wealth of book themed bath and beauty products and these Harry Potter theme sets sound like a perfect gift for a fan.
From TeaSoapBooks - I have been dying to get my hands on this Frankenstein soap, I love how the soaps in her shop are book shaped and come in a box that looks like a book. She also has bubble bath and bath salts to make a set if you wanted.
From LiteraryLacquer - I love this shop because you can find beautifully made nail polish that relates to favorite classic books and more (this is Breathing Dreams Like Air inspired by The Great Gatsby). I found out that she will be having a sale starting on Friday, use the code HOLIDAY2016 for 20% off your order and a free full sized limited edition polish on orders over $48! 
Coffee and Tea Mugs
If there is one thing I know is that not only to readers love books but they also love coffee and tea. You can find a wealth of mugs with quotes and book phrases and images all over the internet.
I have been drooling over this mug and saucer set (and really the whole line of book shaped plates) over at Gone Reading they also have a lot of other book themed mugs as well but this is the one I have had my eye on.
 I love the quote on this mug from the Etsy shop CoffeeMugCup they also have other book themed mugs.
Or how about a mug that is covered with text from a favorite book like this Frankenstein one from JaneandCompanyDesign from Etsy, again she has several other books.
Notebooks and Journals
We all need a place to write about our books and keep notes right? I love having notebooks dedicated to specific things, like a book review notebook, a bucket list note book etc.  Here are a couple of great notebooks for book lovers.
I love these A Novel Journal, they feature favorite classic books and the entire text is contained in the journal in tiny text that makes up the lines for writing. I have been hoping to come across a Frankenstein one. You can find these in a lot of independent book stores, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, etc.
I have been eyeing this reading journal on Amazon for a while now, I like that it has recommendations as well as space to write your own notes and of course the cover is fantastic.
Clothing and Accessories
I love discovering unique book themed items that I can show off, and I have several to share with you.
Have you seen these awesome shirts, scarves and bags from Litographs they contain the entire story and can be customized for colors, size and unisex or Ladies or Mens shirts. I saw these several years ago and there weren't many options but now they have so many classics and even some new releases.
Storiarts on Etsy has beautiful scarves and fingerless gloves that also feature text from favorite classics. I have been wanting some of these gloves, I think they would be wonderfully cozy for work and even for reading on the couch.
The Frankenstein Scarf from LiteratiClub on Etsy has been on my wish list for a while now. They have several other books as well and look at the umbrella, I have never seen anything like it anywhere else.
Subscription Box
One of my favorite bookish indulgences over the past year have been subscription boxes.  I have tried out several of them and my favorite has been the Novel Tea Club box. I have talked about this box in the past here and I can't rave about it enough. I love getting it in the mail each month. Each box contains a book, some tea, a little goodie and some small shop/ artisan goodies (this could be bookmarks, bath products, art, etc.). You can pick your genre from Fantasy/Sci-Fi, Romance or YA. You can also select the length of subscription, it could be a one time box, a three month subscription or even right now they are offering 6 month or year long subscriptions.
Here are my last two months of boxes so you can get an idea of what to expect.
They also often have special one time boxes. There is currently a Harry Potter box available and will only be available until Saturday! Also, right now they have a special Family Holiday Box that will only be available until November 30th. I already have mine pre-ordered and did it so early I received an extra bonus goodie package.
Note: I will let you in on a not-so-secret secret, I just received their Newsletter the other day an there is a coupon code for 10% off, just enter HOHOHO at check out (there are also several other coupon codes running I am not sure what the discount is but you cannot combine them, KISA15, NOVELGRAM or NOVELTEACLUB). (Also the prices listed on the sight are in CAD - the subscriptions include shipping to the US).
A Couple Extra Ideas
~ I think most book lovers are like me and like to be cozy warm when reading, especially in the winter. Some ideas for this would be a super soft and warm blanket (I have found some great ones in drug stores like CVS), fuzzy socks or slippers, small pillows for propping up books and necks while reading.
~ Obviously gift cards to book shops is always great, consider trying to find a local independent bookstore.
~ Tickets to an upcoming book event or author signing/meet and greet.
~ I don't think it is as common anymore but maybe a membership to a favorite author fan club.
~ Check out favorite author pages too and see if they are offering any book swag or goodie packages.

I hope this list was helpful and that you have found something for your bookish friends or even to treat yourself. I will be back again tomorrow morning with some small and inexpensive and handmade gift ideas for your pen pals and again on Friday with some book gift ideas for your young readers.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my bookmarks! <3
    -Jessica Lynn (JLynnPaperCo)

    1. Thank you for making such great bookmarks! I love the fact that you didn't take the route so many others have with the Harry Potter and did the houses instead of the characters.