Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pen to Paper: Incoming Organization

Good morning friendly mail folks! I hope you are having a wonderful week and have founds some happy treasures in your mailboxes.
I wanted to continue the conversation started last week about pen pal organization and talk about incoming mail.  It is important to keep your incoming mail organized so that you can respond to letters in a timely fashion. I must admit my system doesn't always work (especially if I take a letter with me to respond on the road and it gets tucked into the wrong place of my planner or lost in my purse) but I do the best I can. So here is my little system. . .
I picked this lovely little desk organizer up at Hobby Lobby some time ago and it has been wonderful.  It sits on a little cut through from our kitchen and dinning room (when I am at home my planner also sits right next to it). I keep a variety of writing instruments in one front slot, in the other front slot I put incoming mail, with the most recent in the front (so when I am writing I grab from the back).  In the very back section I keep some stationery I plan on using soon and any oversized envelopes.   This little box has helped keep everything in place and in order so I can quickly grab what I need if I have a bit of time to write.
Some things to keep in mind for your incoming organization
~ Keep it in a place that you frequent and is visible so things don't get forgotten
~ Keep letters in order of who you need to write first (whether in order of incoming or if you have a pal that needs faster responses). This is so a letter doesn't get shuffled so much the response becomes extremely late.
~ Keep writing supplies with your incoming letters again for less prep for writing.
Do you have anything else to add? How do you keep track of your incoming mail?


  1. Love this idea! I need to get something similar for all my planner stuff. I'd love to keep my planner stuff and mailing stuff together.

    1. Oh gosh, my planner stuff is a disaster! I literally just have a old box that stuff is just thrown in and some piles and one little websters folio that is relatively organized. I need to find a way to organize all my stickers. I guess it would make sense to keep them all together because I do tend to use some of the same stickers in my mail as my planner too.