Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pen to Paper: Favorite Sites to Follow and Visit

Hello my fellow mail lovers! I hope you are doing well this week.  I am a little late getting this post up, it has been another crazy week at work and that is the only time I have to work on the blog. Anyway, on to today's chat.  I wanted to share with you some of my favorite places to get inspired by mail.   There are so many wonderful snailmailers out there who share their beautifully written, decorated and packaged mail and they always inspire me to write more letters and to send something that will make a person smile.  So here are some of my favorites . . .
From Instagram
She only has a few pictures so far but they are always beautifully composed and she has some great ideas for her letters.
So much mail love! I love how many ideas and variety of mail on this page, ranging from intro letters to postcards and flip books and snail mail starter packs.
I love all the bright colors and she puts together some really adorable gift packages for her pen pals that will definitely inspire me for the upcoming holiday season.
From Pinterest
I love the variety from simple to elegant and plenty of DIY ideas for goodies and mail.
So many unique ideas for items to send and some printables as well.
Beautiful mail art and ways to spice up you letters with little inserts or different styles of envelopes.
So many flipbooks! I love looking here when I want to really get creative!
From Youtube
She has such great tutorials and ideas, I really love how she explains the best products too (like the best glues for paper) and I really love her accent, so fun to listen to.
She posts once a week a video called Bringing back paper, it features hauls, stashes, organization etc. all for pen pal letter writing.
She has some great tips on pen pal letter writing, what to do if you pen pal stops writing, tips for hard subjects, and first time letters and so much more!
Her giggles may get a little annoying to me but she has so many great ideas and tutorials for crafty pen pal letters!
From the Blogs
Some great ideas and tutorials, and she also posts about books just like here!
If you love more elegant letters this is the place to go, she has beautiful handwriting (with tutorials) and I love her posts on historical letter writing.
Some more very beautiful letters, her posts always make me want to get a wax seal.  ***She also matches up pen pals a couple of times a year, you can sign up now until Sept. 4th to receive a pen pal but only series requests!
So where do you go for letter writing inspiration? Do you have sites you like to visit?

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