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Author Feature: Interview with Lilly Avalon and Giveaway

So I have been wanting to do a big author feature for all of you for some time, and I couldn't have picked anyone better to feature than Lilly Avalon! I have been reading all of her books and stashing away my reviews, as well as some goodies for a giveaway just for this feature.  I do want you all to note that Lilly Avalon writes contemporary erotic romances, so while I can't post everything in after dark hours, posts may contain after dark (adult) elements.
Today I have for you an interview with Lilly Avalon (who if you don't know made a big announcement on her blog last week).  Be sure to stay until the end for a giveaway, I will also be posting reviews each night for the next few days!  So shall we get into this interview?!
Ang: So you just had a big announcement on your blog last week (LINK HERE) about your real name.  What made you choose the name Lilly Avalon for your pen name?
Lilly Avalon: Ah, well this was actually kinda fun. I wrote down a bunch of potential names, first and last, and started saying different ones together. For some reason Avalon stood out to me, so I focused on finding the right name that flows with it. Lilly was the only one that truly fit together with it.
Ang: They really do fit together, I love how the name rolls off the tongue.
Ang: When and what made you decide to venture into writing erotic romance?
Lilly Avalon: After I published my debut book as Jessica Sankiewicz, I got to thinking about all the erotic romances I read and how much I wanted to write a few. I didn't feel comfortable putting it under my real name, especially since my first book was a clean YA/NA crossover. So I went with the pen name route instead.
Ang: What is your favorite part about writing these "After Dark" books? What is the most difficult? (I honestly picture you breaking into it like More Than Words)
Lilly Avalon: Haha! That's actually what I was thinking when I wrote More Than Words, how much I wanted to test things out in real life before I wrote them. Like when I wrote a shower sex scene, it would have been good to know how not sexy it actually is. My favorite part of it is making the story have depth along with sexytimes. The sexytimes are great to have, but if I don't have plot and emotion tying everything together, it just doesn't feel right. Every time I started a new book I would be all "I'm gonna make this thing so sexy, it'll make Fifty Shades look like a child's book"... but then I write the story and get so attached to my characters that I can't make it be anything less than an actual romance.
Ang: I do tend to lean more towards the character driven books, I like how you focus more on their development and forward movement in the plot line instead of getting hung up on the sexy scenes.
Ang: You have both standalone (at least so far) books, novellas and one series started so far. Which do you like writing better, revisiting favorite character and continuing their stories or creating new characters and throwing them into new situations?
Lilly Avalon: That's a tough one. It's sort of a toss-up right now. I loved writing more of Allegra and Devlin in the Resist series, but I have so many other individual stories that I want to tell. My latest, Can't Stay Away, is going to be a standalone series, which was fully unintentional when I wrote it. I actually had the idea for the second book before CSA, but as I wrote CSA, the characters weaved their way in naturally.
Ang: As someone who just recently finished Can't Stay Away, I am screaming yes to the sub-characters getting their own stories!! (My Review of CSA will be up on Friday)
Ang: Who are some of your favorite "After Dark" authors? Who do you read when you need a dose of inspiration?
Lilly Avalon: Ooh! I love Roni Loren. She writes amazingly sexy stories, including believable menage with happy endings (the Loving on the Edge series). Sawyer Bennett has great erotica and includes a little bit of BDSM, menage, and voyeurism (The Wicked Horse series).
Ang: So those are all new to me authors, thank you very much for adding to my massive TBR pile :P
Ang: You have your first in person author event coming up, are you nervous? Excited? What are you looking forward to the most? How have you prepared?
Lilly Avalon: I'm both nervous AND excited! I'll be sharing a table with an author friend, which will be kind of amazing to finally meet her after all these years. I can't wait to connect with bloggers and authors, talk about books and maybe sell a few of my own. Not long ago I got two more books formatted for paperback, so I'll have 3 different books to offer readers. Plus, I finally designed and purchased business cards and bookmarks. I invested in a few things for my table, like baskets to display the books and swag. I can't wait to set it all up!
Ang: I wish I could attend, it sounds like a fun event! For those of you in Ohio or nearby areas might want to check out the Glass City Author Event.
Ang: When can we expect an new book from you? I know you have been working on a winter themed book and I can't wait!
Lilly Avalon: Ah! Well, if I can get my booty moving on it, I'll be able to have that one out in winter, either December/January. I hope, I hope! I just need to set aside more time to get the first draft done.
Ang: What is next for Lilly Avalon? Can we expect to see more in the coming new year?
Lilly Avalon: That's a good question, lol! I haven't decided what's next yet. There are a couple ideas that have been begging for my attention, but I'm undecided on which I would want to do, or if I want to do something else entirely. Knowing me, I'll come up with a brand new idea right after the winter novella and start that one instead.
Ang: That all sounds great, I am sure we will all love whatever you decide to give us next! Thank you so much for stopping by today. 
To all of you readers, be sure to check in again this week, Thursday Night I will have another special Quick Fire questions with Lilly that is sure to be entertaining!
I hope you have all enjoyed this interview with Lilly Avalon, I also hope you will check out some of her books. I will have reviews of all of her books posted between now and Friday so you can find the ones that interest you. In the mean time check out her Goodreads Page and Blog

Lilly Avalon is the author of the RESIST series as well as other erotic romances. She's somewhere in the midst of her twenties and lives mostly in the stories in her head. When she's not enveloped in the worlds she creates, she's out in the real world making stories happen. That or reading other romances. It's a toss-up.
You can also follow Lilly Avalon for all of her updates, new releases and sales on books on Facebook and Twitter @Lilly_Avalon.
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Of course with anything else we have rules
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