Thursday, August 4, 2016

Pen to Paper: Vintage Postage

Hello everyone, I hope you have been having a good week so far.  I personally cannot wait for the weekend, we are all still sick and I just too Munchkin to the doctor yesterday and found out he has walking pneumonia :( poor guy, now I have to try to get in too since I have the same cough.
Anyway I thought I would talk to you a little bit today about how to dress up the outside of your envelopes without having to be artsy.  It is simple, just use some old stamps.  Did you know you could use any previously unused vintage stamps, they can still be used at face value.  You can use any combination of US vintage or current stamps as long as the postage amount comes out to be correct (regular letter currently .47 cents or postcard at .35 cents). Sometimes I go a little over but that is okay too. I know some stamp collectors might throw a fit about using some vintage stamps so if you are concerned about a collector item just try to check it out first.

You can find unused vintage stamps in lots on ebay for not much cost and chances are they have already been picked over by a collector, or if you want more themed sets of stamps you can check on Etsy too.  Or even go look in your old junk drawer or check with parents and grandparents.
Happy Mailing!


  1. I hope your munchkin feels better soon! Poor guy!

    I didn't know you could use old stamps, but I guess that makes sense. Fun idea! I currently bought some Batman stamps that I LOVE!

    Thank you SO much for the Etsy store recommendations. I checked them out and bought some stationary. They should be arriving soon! I'm really excited!

    1. Thanks Kami, I hate when he is sick, I always feel like there is so little I can do.

      I love that you can use old stamps, it is fun to dress up the letter with stamps that are matching the stationery or personality of your pen pal.

      Oh I can't wait to see what fun stationery you found! I love that you are starting to write letters!!