Thursday, August 18, 2016

Pen to Paper: Outgoing Mail

Hello everyone, I am back.  Sorry about last week I was so wrapped up in the Olympics that I totally spaced on writing up blog posts!  Anyway, it has been some time since I shared a picture of outgoing or incoming mail, so I figured it was about time. I see beautiful pictures of mail all the time on pinterest, blogs and instagram, I may have to make an attempt to better layout my mail.
So this was all my outgoing mail from August 4th I think. I was so busy in July that I didn't really send much out so this was a lot of catch up letters.  5 letters to international pen pals, 2 letters to Stateside pen pals and 4 postcrossing postcards. It was one busy mail day! I have already gotten a few responses back too! Another big mail day coming up soon!
Next week I will share some pictures of incoming mail, and will try to get better pictures because my pen pals send some beautiful letters with such nice handwriting and lovely little goodies.
Have you sent anything in the mail lately? Or received anything? I would love to hear about it or see it!


  1. Wow! How did you meet all your pen pals?

    I sent a letter to my Aunt using my new stationary. I loved it! I've made a goal to write a letter to someone every Sunday, and I'm really enjoying it. Thanks again for the inspiration you've given me!

    1. Yay! I am so happy you started writing letters, I am sure that everyone will love getting those letters in the mail.

      Let's see, one pen pal came from a pony collecting site (and book blog), another came from the Pocket Letter Pals site (a crafting pen pal site), 2 I found on Instagram (search for #penpalswanted - it takes some time to weed through but I have enjoyed the two I write with), another one found me through these Pen to Paper posts, one I received through a pay site called International Pen Friends, another one was through a free site call Pen Pal World, another was through another free site call Geek Girls Pen Pals, and another was an online friend who can't get online anymore. I have a bunch of links in this post

      And of course feel free to write me and I will absolutely write back ;)

    2. Whoa! So many from so many different sites. That is awesome! I will definitely write you! Email me your address! I should have snatched it off one of the packages you sent me. Oops!