Thursday, June 30, 2016

Pen to Paper: What I Have Learned - Pens

So a couple of weeks ago I had posted about what I have learned in the past year of letter writing about where to find Pen Pals (Post HERE) so this week I wanted to share a little bit about what pens I have found best for writing. Before I would just use whatever pen I found but the more and more I wrote the more I wanted just the right pen and I also loved writing with colored inks.  So here are some of my favorites that I have found.
Fountain Pens
I only recently discovered fountain pens and have really enjoyed playing with them.  The problem I discovered was that the ink would bleed through most papers and the paper that was fountain pen friendly didn't have the cute images on it. But I finally found an Etsy shop called Kind Words Stationery that makes beautiful stationery on fountain pen friendly paper!  Anyway I now love using all the fun papers and inks with my fountain pens (though my handwriting still needs a lot of help)!

Felt Tip/Marker Pens
I have been using two different brands of felt tip pens, LePen and Stabilo.  Both are great pens and come in a wide variety of colors. They have nice very fine point tips too.  I tend to lean more towards the LePen because I like the way they feel in my hand better, I am not a huge fan of the shape of Stabilo pens. I have noticed that some times I get to writing too fast for the LePen ink though and it starts writing dry and I have to wait for the tip to re-ink itself before continuing, I haven't had this problem yet with the Stabilo.
So here is a little picture comparison of them for you

Le Pen


Stabilo to LePen tip comparison
Pens I Don't Use
 So the pens that I don't find myself using for letter writing are Ball Point and Gel Pens.  I do love Ball Point pens and that is almost what I use exclusively at work, but I have found it isn't really great for writing long letters.  I found that if I have more than one letter to write or more than 4 pages, my hand would start cramping and hurting.  With the Gel Pens I really enjoyed writing with them, it solved the problem of hand cramps as the ink went on so smooth but I had a problem with the ink smearing.  I will still use both for short letters or little notes but I have moved away from either one.  I also don't use pencils since I have found that the lead will fade over time and can sometimes be difficult to read.
So there you have the pens that I like to use when writing letters. Do you have a specific pen or style that you like to use?


  1. hey I saw you on postcrossing, I'm not sure if you want to swap with me a postcard, I"m from Malaysia.

    1. Hello Cassandra, I am happy to swap postcards for postcrossing, feel free to send me an email or a message through the site.