Monday, April 11, 2016

Rhode Island Author Meet and Greet Event

On Saturday I managed to escape my house to attend a Author Meet and Greet event put on by the Association of Rhode Island Authors.  I had been planning on attending this event for some time, and last check they had expected 20 authors to attend, but it turned out to be so many more than predicted!

It was a great event to attend, there were some authors I had met before, some that were even featured in this year's RI Author Month, but there were also so many new authors.
Teen author Jenna O'del, so impressed with this young woman, already publishing a fantasy novel called Hidden Presences!

Meeting author Joshua Blum, I actually won his giveaway for an ebook copy of his book Falling Leaves Don't Weep

Author Julien Ayotte just had a new book released last week, all of his books are full of suspense!
I had a great time, I met some great authors, had some wonderful conversations with them. Even conducted my first face to face interview (I usually interview over email). I did purchase several new books and have already started planning my event for next year!
Here are the books I picked up at the event
Telep the Diamond by Rich Feitelberg
Hidden Presences by Jenna O'del
The Overlords: Legend of the Treasure by J. Michael Squatrito, Jr.
The Longest Game by Steven Krasner
Cody the Cloud by Kevin Mulhern
Rhode Island's Friendly Faces by Roberta Mudge Humble
Hidden Deep by Amy Patrick (Ebook - Kindle)
Falling Leaves Don't Weep by Joshua Blum (Ebook - Kindle - giveaway prize!)
It was a great event and I am so glad I have started to find local events to meet and talk to authors. I had a lot of fun and can't wait until the next event!


  1. It looks so fun. The authors all seem very warm and layed back. Local authors are the best.

    1. It was a lot of fun, all the authors are super friendly. It was nice to chat with them as for the most part they aren't just pushing their books, they talked about their books, other books, family, etc. It was like chatting with new friends.