Saturday, September 12, 2015

Crafty Times/ Fun with Munchkin: Jet Packs

I have decided to add a new post to my list of things that could happen on the weekends.  As part of my resolutions for 2015, I wanted to do more fun things with Munchkin and as a family.  I will be posting sporadically about some of the fun adventures we are having together.
So as promised here is my Crafty Times post about making those little jet packs for Munchkin's Birthday party. I saw this pin a while ago on pinterest and knew I wanted to make one of these eventually, and Munchkin's Outer Space themed was a perfect opportunity. Originally we were expecting a lot of kids so I figured I should make enough to share, I also thought since we were having a wide range of ages that I should make some smaller ones too.
So I made four 2 liter bottle sized jet packs and two 1 liter sized. I think the hardest part was drinking all that soda and gathering the bottles. I then spray painted the bottles silver (you need to scuff the bottles with sand paper first to be sure the paint will adhere). Then I duck taped 2 bottles together and then onto a cardboard backing. next I tore up some orange and yellow tissue paper and taped it at the mouth of each bottle. Next I used Munchkin as a measuring tool to attach the elastic string for the straps.
And away they went! These were a huge hit and luckily a LOT less kids came than expected and we had enough for everyone.


  1. Those are so Awesome! Isn't pinterest great?

    1. There are definitely some great ideas on there but at the same time I can loose hours out of my day on there!