Thursday, August 6, 2015

Pen to Paper: Stationary Paper

So did your hand cramp up while writing your long letter mission? I know even though I am getting used to writing more letters, my hand and wrist were both pretty sore after writing a 3 page letter to a new pen pal.
So we spent all last month chatting about our desks, both dream desks, the obscure desks and well, our lack thereof.  So  I thought maybe we could chat a little this month about the paper we actually write on, stationary. There is a huge variety of stationary specifically for sending letters to your friends and loved ones.
First off there are 2 main sizes of stationary, first is referred to A5 sized (5.83" x 8.27") and the other most common is regular Letter sized paper (8 1/2" x 11").  There are obviously many other sizes, you can write a letter on anything from a tiny sticky note to a giant sheet of roll paper, but these are the most common sizes you will find when shopping.  You can see the size comparison in the picture below of my own stationary.
Another variety option to think about with your stationary is whether you want it lined or not. If you don't want like you can find a huge variety at any office supply store, they have beautiful ones, seasonal, etc. If you prefer lined (like myself, I can't write in a straight line to save my life) it gets a little more difficult to find actual stationary. You also then have the option of bold lines or faint lines that are only a shade darker or lighter that the background. Of course if you find unlined paper that you love, you can always take a pencil and a ruler and draw faint lines on the paper (though I still struggle with this, I just can't do straight lines).
Once you decide on the size and whether you want line or unlined paper you can get to the real fun stuff and decided if you want to decorate or doodle your own or if you want to buy already printed paper. I love having a bunch of different styles of stationary paper, I try to pick the paper to match my personality, the receiver's personality and the mood of the letter. You can really have fun with this, you can even pick one specific style that says you and stick with it for all your letters so people start to know just from the paper that the letter is from you.
The world of stationary is a fun one but it can be addictive! Next week I will get into where I like to find my stationary paper.
Your Mission for the Week: Try to write on something new. If you have been using postcards, try sending a note card or stationary letter instead. If you have been using lined paper, try unlined. Spread your wings, maybe you will find something that fits you even better.

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