Thursday, August 20, 2015

Pen to Paper: Where to get Stationary

See, I knew things were going to get really crazy come the second half of the year (this is my way of apologizing for missing the post last week and the future posts I will be missing for the next several months hahaha).
Anyway, did you all try to complete your last mission? Did you write on something you don't normally write on? I actually wrote on both unlined paper (and of course my writing was all slanted and uneven) and then on grid paper, that was really different.
So we had started out a couple weeks ago talking about stationary, and I told you a few different options when shopping for it. Hopefully you have an idea of what type of stationary you want to use, so now we are going to talk about where to get that lovely stationary for all your letters.
I have yet to find a good, reliable brick and mortar store that I can turn to for stationary supplies. Barnes and Noble is getting a better variety now but they are awfully pricey for their limited supply.  Occasionally you can find some unique pads at stores like Target or Walmart but they are also inconsistent. I even have a shop in the mall call The Paper Store, do you think they would have stationary? Of course not, they have list pads that they call stationary, so disappointing.
So as a result of the lack of a local stationary market I have turned to the trusty internet. Here are a few of my favorite places to get stationary.
Etsy is by far my favorite place to get new stationary. You can find something to suit your every mood or taste and even have it personalized. The only issue with Etsy is that there really too much to choose from, so you really need to go in knowing exactly what you are looking for.
A couple of my favorite shops include:
The Fox and the Tea Cup - has a wonderful selection of bookish stationary
Tattered Roses Paperie - I love the vintage feel and nothing says friendship quite like Winnie the Pooh
I also love searching for vintage stationary, seasonal stationary and favorite books, quotes or characters.
I stumbled upon this site when I was trying to print postcards of Munchkin and found it to have an unbelievable amount of stationary. I fell in love. Again there is a huge variety so just search for what you want. I have ordered postcards, note cards and stationary and it is always great.
Don't want to spend money for stationary, check out Pinterest. You can find free printable stationary in all kinds of styles as well.
Of course there are many, many individual shops online. I have found though that a lot of them also have shops on Etsy, so I haven't used individual sites much.
I hope that helps you get started on building your own stash of stationary.
Your Mission this Week: Send a quote. Find a quote that you think someone might enjoy or need in their life and write a letter or note based on that quote.

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