Thursday, July 30, 2015

Pen to Paper: Where's Your Desk?

Did you send a silly story to someone? I hope it brightened their day.  We definitely have no shortage of comical events around here, especially with Munchkin and his language skills and understanding growing in leaps and bounds. This wasn't what a wrote about but the other day he came out and said "I don't have a tail, I have a bum." He is always coming out with random facts like that and it totally cracks me up.
Anyway on with today's discussion, still on the subject of writing desks, where would you put your desk for writing all these wonderful pieces of snail mail?
Would you put it in a dark corner with some magical lighting? I feel like this would lead to more intimate letters, full of warmth.
Or would you pick a bright sunny spot where you could look out the window for different inspiration each day?
Or maybe in an attic hide-away to have some space and quiet all to yourself for reflection and writing.
I have often pondered this, I try to think where I would be able to make the most of the space and find the most inspiration. I think maybe the attic space would suit me, I could have my books lined up around me, I could have a window for the view and it could still be dark at times for a different view point. Although if I want that big secretary's desk, good luck finding enough friends willing to heft that sucker into the attic!
So what do you think? Where do you have your writing desk now, if you have one? If your house was set up exactly how you would want it where would it be? Where do you think you would find the most inspiration for writing?
Your Mission for the Week: Write a nice long letter. We have been keeping our writing fairly short to get those muscles (both hand, wrist and mental) prepared for more writing. So now I think it is time to shoot for a nice long letter, I would say 3 pages if you use small stationary or 2 pages if you are using letter sized paper.

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