Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pen to Paper: Tips for Starting Out

Welcome back to the second posting of Pen to Paper where we embark on a letter writing and snail mail adventure!
 First Item of business: Congrats Jenny for winning the giveaway!!
Did you accomplish last week's task? What did you write about? Of course if it is private you don't need to share.  One of the letters I wrote was to my grandmother who would appreciate Munchkin's dedication to our garden (if it weren't for him remembering to water it every week it definitely would have died by now).
Since we are just getting started on this adventure together I thought I would share a few little tips with you.
~ Keep your supplies together.
If the inspiration strikes you don't want to be hunting down an address or that pesky stamp.  On that same note, personally I keep a small stash in my purse (which is ridiculously big) for those quick spur of the moment thoughts.
~ Start out small.
You don't want to burn yourself out or run out of things to write the first day. Oh and you do not want a wrist or hand cramp! Start out with one page letters, post cards or note cards.
~Schedule correspondence time.
Just like everything else in this world if you don't schedule it in you will not have time for it.  Set aside half an hour once a week to write and you can add more days or time as you need.
~Keep a record.
It seems a little odd but I keep a record of who I wrote, when I wrote and what I wrote about. This way I don't accidently write about the same things and also when they respond and they answer some questions I have a little idea what we were talking about.
~Be yourself.
You don't need to write some fancy, wordy letter like some Victorian. Friends and family want to hear you, so write like you would talk to your friends.
This week's task: Write a note of gratitude.
You don't have to wait for a holiday or birthday to send a thank you.  Did your significant other pick up one of your chores this week? Or maybe someone in your past deserves a thank you, a favorite teacher who pushed you or someone who inspired your career path. Just write to someone to say thank you this week.


  1. All great advice! I love the thank you note idea. I like thinking of things I'm thankful for. It gets me out of a rut.

    1. Anytime I run out of ideas what to write I always turn to the thank you note, there are so many things to be thankful for and everyone loves to hear they have made a positive impact.