Saturday, April 18, 2015

Graphic Novel Review: Korgi Book 2: The Cosmic Collector by Christian Slade

Synopsis: "The Cosmic Collector is the second volume in the critically acclaimed, all-ages graphic novel series, Korgi. In this volume, things are not going too well in Korgi Hollow. While a mysterious hunter has trapped and clipped the wings off of many mollies, Ivy and Sprout search for answers in the surrounding woods... but they may be facing something that is totally out of this world!"

Review: I really adore this little series of graphic novels. It is nearly wordless, there is just a brief introduction at the beginning. The simple pencil type drawings seem to really fit this story and there really are no words necessary, the images are so descriptive in themselves. Korgi is great for all ages and lovers of animals and fantasy alike. Little Sprout and Ivy are unexpected and loveable heroes.
My Rating: I really enjoy the simplicity and creativeness of this series of graphic novels, I plan to continue reading them.  I give this one a rating of Four Paws!


  1. I'm not a big fan of graphic novels but people keep reviewing ones that look really good. Maybe I need to get over my dislike.

    1. I didn't think I liked graphic novels either until I discovered some really great ones. Graphic Novels really have something for everyone. I enjoy the animal and literature based ones and I also enjoy memoir types too.