Friday, April 3, 2015

Beginning Reader Review of Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where's the Bacon? by Ree Drummond

Synopsis: "Everyone on the ranch knows that Charlie is the boss. But when a visitor comes to stay with Charlie's family, Charlie isn't so sure that the new guy knows the rules. In fact, Rowdy the dog doesn't seem to be a very nice guest. After eating Charlie's bacon, drinking Charlie's water, and sleeping in Charlie's bed, Rowdy is in the doghouse! Can Charlie find a way to keep Rowdy in line . . . or at least find some more bacon?"

My Review: I find it cute how it is written from Charlie's point of view. It makes it fun, simple and repetitive, perfect for beginning readers. The book is full of action and sight words for level one readers. The story also has a great message about sharing and including new people (or dogs).
My Rating: This was a great book, simple for beginning readers and with a great story and message.  We give it Four Paws.


  1. This one looks cute. I love Bassett hounds.

    1. There is a whole series of Charlie books, I just ordered Charlie goes to the doctor for munchkin so hopefully he stops screaming every time we have to go.