Monday, March 30, 2015

March 2015 Challenge Update

Wow, we are already a quarter of the way through the year! Three months of snow and lots and lots of reading. I think that I am at least on track if not ahead in all my challenges but let us check in on that . . .
Personal Re-Read Challenge
My goal is to read 10 books, off to a little bit of a slow start so far but that is okay.

Personal Children's Book Challenge
I was shooting for 60 books in this challenge, I am very near completing this challenge but as we all know, it will continue on!
13. Again!
 35. I Took the Moon for a Walk
36. We're Going on a Bear Hunt
37. The Little Red Caboose
38. Happy to Help!
39. Pony Brushes his Teeth
40. A Hole in the Road
41. The Lost Dinosaur Bone
42. Grandpa & the Truck 2
43. Emergency Vehicles
44. C is for Cornhusker
45. Curious George and the Dump Truck
46. Curious George Goes Fishing
47. Mr. Mischief
48. The Best Show and Share
49. Frogs!
50. The Mitten
51. Curious George Goes to a Bookstore
52. Oscar the Almost Butterfly

Personal Beginning Reader Challenge:
I was shooting for 30 books for this challenge and have been keeping this challenge at a steady pace so far but I am sure it will be picking up soon.
1. Charlie's Snow Day
2. Monsters Munch Lunch
3. Brave Dragon
4. Kick Pass and Run
5. Charlie The Ranch Dog: Where's the Bacon
6. Big Bear, Little Bear
7. Chase on the Case
8. Look for Lorax
9. Curious George, Dinosaur Tracks
10. Danny and the Dinosaur

Personal Read Across the States Challenge
Obviously there are 50 books in this challenge (though I might add a few for the country in general).  I am already nearly halfway done with this challenge, I have found some very interesting books so far and many more to come.
Alabama  -
Alaska - If you Lived Here
Arizona - Veil of Roses
Arkansas -
California -
Colorado - Calves in the Mud Room
Connecticut - A Whole Latte Life
Delaware - A Catered Affair
Florida - Because of Winn Dixie
Georgia - Deep Dish
Hawaii - Birth
Idaho -
Illinois -
Indiana -
Iowa - Little Heathens
Kansas -
Kentucky -
Louisiana - Taste the Heat
Maine - Stone Bay
Maryland -
Massachusetts -
Michigan -
Minnesota -
Mississippi -
Missouri -
Montana -
Nebraska - C is for Cornhusker
Nevada - The Missing Ink
New Hampshire -
New Jersey - The Fighting Ground
New Mexico -
New York -
North Carolina -
North Dakota -
Ohio - Dragons of Spratt Ohio
Oklahoma -
Oregon -
Pennsylvania -
Rhode Island - By the Sea Tess
South Carolina - Girls in Trucks
South Dakota - Buffalo Gal
Tennessee -
Texas -
Utah - Wright on Time - Utah
Vermont -
Virginia -
Washington -
West Virginia - Locking Horns
Wisconsin - Blankets
Wyoming - Stone Fox

Audio Book Challenge
I am planning to read 10-12 audio books this year. I am still ahead of schedule on this one but have some really long books coming up.
1. The Fighting Ground
2. The Last Valentine
3. Deep Dish
4. The Tao of Pooh
5. Little Heathens
6. Veil of Roses

Graphic Novel Challenge
Since I am featuring one graphic novel every other week my goal is 26 this year. I am ahead of schedule but its hard not to read them.
1. Tiny Book of Tiny Stories Vol. 3
2. Blankets
3. Shadows of Endor
4. From Fabletown with Love
5. The Books of Magic
6. Mouse Guard: Winter 1152
7. Korgi Vol.2: Cosmic Collector
8. Thor: God of Thunder Vol. 1: The God Butcher
9. Fables are Forever

Series Challenge
With a goal to read at least 5 full series, if not 7, I am pretty much on track. I got started on my second series this month and hope to knock out another one or two next month.
1. The Hearts of Anemoi - Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Book 4 - COMPLETE
2. Pride Series - Book 1, Book 2

TBR Challenge
My goal of 50 books will be completely blown out of the water this year, I should have thought a little more with setting this goal but oh well, I will still continue to track once I match my goal!
1. Girls in Trucks
2. Because of Winn Dixie
3. Athena the Brain
4. Nubiana
5. Persephone the Phony
6. The Fighting Ground
7. Aphrodite the Beauty
8. The Last Valentine
9. Artemis the Brave
10. By The Sea, Book One, Tess
11. Hickory Daiquiri Dock
12. Locking Horns
13. Stone Bay
14. Dragons of Spratt, Ohio
15. Deep Dish
16. Stone Fox
17. Dragon in the Sock Drawer
18. Birth
19. The Tao of Pooh
20. West of Want
21. South of Surrender
22. Taste the Heat
23. If You Lived Here I'd Know Your Name
24. Fish Perfume
25. More Than Pancakes
26. Reading Between the Lines
27. I'll Never Forget
28. This Point Forward
29. Risking It All
30. East of Ecstasy
31. Sand Dollar
32. Glassblowers Apprentice
33. A Whole Latte of Life
34. Every Sunday
35. Missing Ink
36. Little Heathens
37. Toe to Toe
38. Warrior Beautiful
39. Buffalo Gal
40. To Serve a King
41. Veil of Roses
42. Francesca's Kitchen
43. Wright on Time - Utah
44. My Favorite Witch
45. Aure the Topaz
46. The Scot the Witch and the Wardrobe
47. A Catered Affair
48. If You're Reading This

Requested Reviews My original limit of only 25 books this year is obviously not going to work, I have at least 3 more lined up already and a bunch more emails to return.
1. Dear Hank Williams
2. Jesper Jinx and the Sneezing Season
3. Calves in the Mud Room
4. Gooseberry Island
5. Dizzy Miss Lizzie
6. Just Not Ready Yet
7. Poole's Paradise
8. Darkness
9. Don't Forget Me Bro
10. Paint
11. Spawn of Medusa
12. The Queen's Dagger
13. One of the Guys
14. Me and Grandpa
15. Jesper Jinx and the Turkish Pepper

Goodreads Challenge My Goodreads challenge is out of control of course, I am already at 137 of my original goal of 312. I think I might have another 365+ year this year if this pace keeps up!

As far as my other goals and resolutions . . .
I sent out a couple of post cards, packages and a handful of birthday thank you cards
I have painted my nails at least once every week this week.
Munchkin and I had a rough month filled with colds but we did get a couple little crafts and adventures in (including his first professional photos)
Still no one on one time with Hubby, but I guess that is the way it goes with a little one around and not much family or official babysitter yet.

Points Earned this Month: 98
Points Spent this Month:  none that I can think of though Scholastic Orders were high
Pages Read/Time Listened this Month: 5,544/ 9:25

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