Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review of The Dragons of Spratt, Ohio by Linda Zinnen

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Synopsis: "John Salt loves his baby dragons, all nine of them. He cares for them as if they were his babies -- they are his babies, for Pete's sake -- because, after all, how many kids in Ohio (besides Salt) have a litter of dragons living behind their house? Exactly none, that's how many.

But not everyone loves the dragons as much as Salt. In fact, someone is planning to do them some major -- major -- harm. And once Salt finds out that his babies are in danger, it's up to him and one of his least favorite people, Candi Clark, to save them.

But how can they save the dragons? They're just kids, for cryin' out loud. And Candi is more interested in finding the perfect eye shadow to go with her rhinestone hair clips than anything else, or so she'd like everyone to think. But Salt is a pretty tough kid, for a couch potato, and Candi has a trick or two up her sleeve in this funny novel from the author of the truth about rats, rules, & seventh grade."

My Review: This one took a lot of pushing to finish. I found it dull and odd at times. I really didn't see much point in Candi or her random storyline other than to appeal more towards girls and to supposedly be the brains to get everyone out of trouble. The storyline was also slow and boring, even the parts that were supposed to be exciting seemed to move really slowly. I have a hard time seeing this capturing the attention of the pre-teen and young teen audience and keeping them involved with the book.
My Rating: I was really unimpressed by this book, a wildlife park in Ohio that has baby dragons?! There are so many opportunities there, but sadly not used to the best advantage.  I give it a rating of One Paw and a Stump Wag.


  1. :( There's nothing worse than having to force yourself to finish a book. Sorry this one wasn't better.

    1. I have been finding myself doing that a lot more lately. The sad thing was that this had so much potential.