Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review of Dear Hank Williams by Kimberly Willis Holt

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Synopsis: "It’s 1948 in Rippling Creek, Louisiana, and Tate P. Ellerbee’s new teacher has just given her class an assignment—learning the art of letter-writing. Luckily, Tate has the perfect pen pal in mind: Hank Williams, a country music singer whose star has just begun to rise. Tate and her great-aunt and -uncle listen to him on the radio every Saturday night, and Tate just knows that she and Hank are kindred spirits.
Told entirely through Tate’s hopeful letters, this beautifully drawn novel from National Book Award–winning author Kimberly Willis Holt gradually unfolds a story of family love, overcoming tragedy, and an insightful girl learning to find her voice."

My Review: This was a book I requested on NetGalley. It is really a unique book in my opinion. I love the idea of the entire book being pen-pal letters, which it is but it seems to me almost more like diary entries at times. You really get to know Tate through her letters to Hank Williams and you also really get to know the time period through her eyes. As you start reading you think it will be just a simple story about every day happenings in Tate's world but as it progresses you really find some heart-wrenching aspects of her life. It turns into an emotional story but with plenty of hope and light. I found it fun, unique and beautiful.
My Rating: This was a really interesting book, it is a time period and perspective that I haven't come across before. I love the format and the voice of Tate is so genuine. I give it a rating of Four Paws.

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