Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Looking Forward

Since I am spending most of this month looking back at the books I read prior to starting blogging, I thought I would take some time today to look forward to some of the books I can't wait to read in the future!  I am taking my queue from the popular meme Waiting on Wednesday but with a twist, several of these books are already on my shelf just waiting to be cracked open (yes I crack the spines, I personally love that feeling that you are the first to really dive into it).
A couple of books I can't wait to read next year & in the future:
From my Reading Across the States challenge next year
I love, love, love this movie and have never read the book!
Another movie I love (mostly because of Natalie Portman) and am looking forward to the story.
Waiting on My Kindle:
I loved the Study series, and can't wait to read this whole branch-off series but need the rest of the books first!
I am in love with the TV series Reign and love variations of Mary's story.
I read North of Need when it originally came out, a while ago and I have all 4 on my Kindle just waiting (and screaming) to be read.
This trilogy was a generous gift during this year's spring secret santa swap and I can't believe I haven't managed to squeeze it in yet!
Loaded on the Nook:
I don't know why but I keep putting this book off, even though it looks so good!
This book has been whispering to me for far too long and needs to be read
I have had this book suggested to me so many times and I have had it downloaded forever but never open it for some strange reason.
This book has been on my wish list for ages and I finally managed to download it
I have heard awesome things about this book and series, finally got the first book but now need the rest (I hate starting a series without having all the books).
Waiting Patiently on my Bookshelves:
I wanted this book forever and I know I am going to love it but the size is just so daunting, maybe a good book to read in March when there is nothing else going on!
I bought this book for the cover and was intrigued by the story, but I made the mistake of reading some reviews and am now hesitant but I still really want to read it!
I got this book at the Big Book Club Getaway this year and the author was so much fun, I can only imagine how fun this book will be to read!
To Listen:
I guess I have unfulfilled dreams of being a ballerina and love these books and this one has been waiting over a year!
I love greek myths, I love the Trojan War, I love epic poetry, I loved the Iliad, why have I not listened to this one yet?!
I have heard some interesting things about this trilogy, I only have this first book so I better get the other two so I can get to listening!
So there you have it, in a month of looking back at some great books, I have more great books to look forward to, and this is only a tiny tasting, like that TV show where the judges blind test a chef by just one mouthful.

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