Friday, October 3, 2014

Bedtime Story: Lady Rose by Stephen Cosgrove & Talk of Serendipity Books

Synopsis: from author's site "After a long journey to discover the
source of the water that flows into the sea,
a sea otter named Lady Rose finds a way
to send a message back to her friends."

My Review: I have always loved the Serendipity books, but I had never read this one before now. It is quite a sentimental book and can be used to teach children so many lessons, maybe an older sibling goes to college, or family member has to move away for a job, or maybe even a pet has gone over the rainbow bridge. While you can take so many messages from this book, it is still simply a beautiful tale with beautiful illustrations and you can enjoy the story of Lady Rose in what ever way suits you at the time.
My Rating: I love these books, and this one struck home after the recent loss of a friend and how it has brought me to see the beauty he saw in so many things around us.  This one earns Four Paws.
Let me take a minute to rave about this series of books! I have been working on my collection of these as long as I can remember because they have been with me for that long.  My brother and I always had at least one of the Serendipity books checked out from the library at all times when we were kids.  In fact I think the first book of my very own that I ever owned was Misty Morgan,
 I had won it as a prize from the library's summer reading program and I had to read a lot of books very quickly to make sure that particular book was mine.
I have been working diligently to get my hands on the entire series (which isn't easy mind you) but when I do I will have a Serendipity year of bedtime stories as I read each one to Munchkin and share them with you.
This is a series I highly recommend whether you have kids or not, the artwork is beautiful and the stories are all so touching and even have lessons us adults need to be reminded of occasionally in this day and age.  So check them out on the author, Stephen Cosgrove's Website!

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