Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dewey's Fall Readathon Signup

Woohoo! It is almost time for the Fall Dewey's Readathon, it feels like it was just a month ago I was participating in the Spring Readathon.  This one is scheduled for three weeks from now on October 18th.  To find out more and to sign up yourself visit Dewey's Page
I am going to have to juggle a few things this year.  I have already informed Hubby that I am taking my anniversary gift of a Munchkin Free Day on this date.  But I just also found out it is the same day as the Rhode Island Children's Book and Author Festival that I really want to go to, so I guess I will be reading books and attending at least some of the festival (it will be much easier once I find out the schedule).
So I guess I better start putting together my reading list:
So there is just a quick preliminary list, I have a bunch of books I want to read and am going to start reading books for my December Advent Reads event so I can plan ahead.  These next few months are going to be insane!
So are you going to read for the readathon? Any special books planned?


  1. This always falls on our Fall Break, but since I don't think we'll be going anywhere this year, I'll most likely be joining in. I think I'll read some graphic novels, the second Maus one and probably another Wimpy Kid! :) Maybe a really compelling page turning YA one too.

    1. I always have a hard time working around things on the weekend, I almost wish it was on a weekday so I could take a sick day and have a quiet house! I definitely liked reading graphic novels during the spring one and hope to read more again. I am also going to focus on short Christmas themed novellas for the upcoming Advent Reads event. Oh I just picked up the 1st Wimpy Kid, he is going to be at that festival!