Friday, September 12, 2014

Bedtime Story: Count to 10 with a Mouse by Margaret Wise Brown

Synopsis: "Mouse really wants to learn to count so he can find out how many fingers and toes he has. He's spotted a hole in this counting book that's just his size and has crawled inside to start his adventure with numbers. So, slowly and carefully, turn the pages and learn to count with Mouse!"

My Review: This was an odd book. The illustrations are super cute however the story doesn't really make sense. It is a counting book but the things you are counting on each page don't seem to work together and there is a lot of repetition of lines as if they are trying to rhyme but couldn't think of anything else to write. I guess this may just not have been the book for me but it did have a lot of thing Munchkin likes so he was happy.
My Rating: I guess the best judge of a children's book is the child. Based off Munchkin's enjoyment of the book we give it a rating of Three Paws.
Good Night! Sweet Dreams!

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