Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review of Gifted Apprentice by Nicholas A. Rose

Synopsis: "Sallis ti Ath lies seriously ill and only a touch-healer, usually the preserve of the wealthy, can save his life. But when Elvallon heals the sick boy, he reveals that Sallis is Gifted, one of the few born to touch the power that allows the universe to exist.

But the boy's skills turn out very differently from anything Elvallon expected.

Novella of 24 thousand words."

My Review: This was an interesting novella. The story line was interesting and I enjoyed the characters, though didn't develop a full connection with them but still am interested in where their lives lead them. I had an issue with the theology set forth in the book and the different species that were mentioned, it wasn't always all that clear to me what they were talking about. I have a feeling that the full length series might be able to clear all the questions up but I am not sure. I do want to continue following Sallis and where his new Gift will take him, I hope that we also get to encounter Lyssan again too.
My Rating: This may not have been a flawless book but it was rather intriguing and I will definitely be reading the next book (it is already downloaded on my kindle). I give this one a rating of Two Paws and a Stump Wag.


  1. Just the synopsis sounds confusing. I'm not sure I could handle the book.

    1. It was a little confusing but I just finished the next book and it was a lot easier to read.