Monday, March 3, 2014

Challenge Update - February

Two Months of 2014 are already done and gone and I think I am doing pretty well with my challenges.  Here is an update for all of you.
So here we go:
Mental Illness Advocacy Challenge
I finished my first book, Still Alice. I plan to read my next book, Not Just Spirited, this month.
Series Challenge
I have really gotten started on this Challenge! I plan to finish the Secret of the Unicorn Queen and Firebrand Series this month, I decided instead of jumping around so much that I needed to focus on reading the books in order to keep the flow going.
Series #1: Harry Potter - Book 1
Series #2: Secret of the Unicorn Queen - Book 1, Book 2
Series #3: Rose Harbor - Book 1, Book 1.5
Series #4: Firebrand - Book #1
Audio Book Challenge
I am on pace with this Challenge as well, I have finished two audio books so far and am about halfway through my third, Making the Rounds with Oscar.
Graphic Novel Challenge
Again, totally on target with this challenge, two more planned for this challenge this month too!
Mount TBR
I feel like I am a little behind on this challenge but when I look at the numbers, I really am not.  I have started to find it difficult to keep track of which books I purchased before January and which I have added since then, so I might actually have more than 14. So I think I am pretty on track for my goal of 60
3. Beauty
Erotica Challenge
I am doing good on this challenge as well and have a couple more books planned for this month to add to the list. 
 I can't believe I am still on track with all my Challenges, I would have thought I would have fallen behind on at least one of them by now! I have plans to adjust my reading schedule a little this month and focus on one challenge at a time for a bit (well at least focus on a series or two) instead of jumping around so much.  According to Goodreads I am way ahead of the pace, I am already 1/3 of the way done with my challenge with 52 books read (as of today at noon) and am 26 books ahead of schedule.
How are your challenges going? Are you finding you are focusing on any one particular challenge first or just working on them all at once?

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