Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Bloggiesta Sign up and To Do List

It is time for a mini Bloggiesta!
I have been in desperate need of this push to get the not so fun parts of blogging done, like updating the review archives, YUCK!  I have quite a to do list but know I will have limited time this weekend, but hope to at least get a thing or two done.
To Do List:
1. Write a review request policy.  I have been getting countless review requests in my email and I have a hard time turning them down since I don't have a policy.
2. Check out other bloggers Archives and compare the order (I can't decide if it should be alphabetical by author or title or maybe by genre, GAH I am so confused).
3. Update my Archive List. UGH how I dread this job, I don't think I have updated it in almost 2 years!
4. Review my sidebars and update as needed.
5. Set up a Facebook account for the blog (someday I will get around to this).
6. Consider and/or design business cards. I am considering getting these for the upcoming Big Book Club Getaway to had to authors, but not sure this is proper etiquette or if it would be offensive.
7. Weed through Goodreads shelves for duplicates and books I no longer wish to read.
So there you have it my big to do list for a mini Bloggiesta!  I hope to be able to join a chat but with a sick Munchkin and Hubby being at home chances are I won't be able to get on.
I hope you will also join in - Bloggiesta Page


  1. Weeding Through Goodreads is so tiresome but it does feel good. Good luck!

    1. Yea I am not really looking forward to it, I have something crazy like 642 books on my TBR shelf & 430 on my To Purchase shelf. Time to weed them out since there is no way I can get to all of them.

  2. You know... I get a lot of review requests too and I just don't have time to review books. I finally just stopped answering them. I don't have a facebook for my blog because for some damn reason facebook blocked my blog link a few years ago calling it spam. I have no idea why. I have never posted any links to buy books or anything! sigh. Good luck on your goals! I look forward to seeing your progress this weekend!

    1. I probably don't have the time either and end up not reading some books I would like to in order to finish review request books. Huh, I never understand Facebook, at times its so easy and other times its a nightmare.